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Audi TT RS Sport Edition long-term test

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BMW Neue Klasse cars will have 'strong' design overlap

The design ethos of the Neue Klasse range is radically different, but the individual models may well look alike

New Lotus Emeya revealed as 905bhp Porsche Taycan rival

30 fab classics for sale this week

The Triumphs and Disasters of nameplate revivals

Which revivals got it right, and which fell criminally short? We look at the most famous winners - and losers

Automobiles & Auto Parts: Market Leaders.

Check out this list of the top Automobiles & Auto Parts stocks by market cap. From well-known automakers to auto parts suppliers, these companies have been leading the industry and could be worth adding to your watchlist.

The most interesting European cars we’ve ever spotted in American junkyards

American junkyards are inevitably full of Detroit's finest - but we've unearthed plenty of European models on our travels too

Volkswagen boss warns the sale of electric vehicles is 'stagnating' as poll reveals just 2% of drivers would buy one in the near future

Volkswagen's managing director Alex Smith warned there are currently few incentives to buy EVs. He claimed sales are in 'stagnation' with EVs still 'relatively expensive'.

The cars that are our guilty pleasures

We'd rather not tell anyone about this lot... but we can't resist

Death of the manual Mini Cooper as classic car turns fully automatic

Mini Cooper drivers changing gears is set to become a thing of the past as the carmaker announced it is to say goodbye to the manual gearbox on future models - and go fully automatic. The car gained legendary status as the star of the 1960s film the Italian Job after it was used by Michael Caine and his team of criminals to pull off the gold heist ...

What level of self-driving autonomy do cars now have?

More and more cars can help you stay in lane and warn about something in your blind spot, but a growing number of cars also have an assistant that can drive all by itself - at least in certain conditions. What the electronic helpers are able to do all depends on their so-called autonomy level. With so-called Level 1 and Level 2 systems, the respons...

US Vehicle Demand: Top Stocks to Watch as Sales Surge.

US vehicle sales rose unexpectedly in May, as consumers bought more motor vehicles and a range of other goods, reflecting the resilience of the consumer despite high interest rates and inflation pressures. Some of the factors that are boosting the demand for vehicles in the US include the increasing disposable income of consumers, the growing preference for personal mobility amid the pandemic, the technological advancements in vehicle features...

Why you may never need to buy an electric car

The ban on new petrol and diesel cars is officially set to come into force in 2035, after Rishi Sunak knocked back the net zero deadline by five years. But switching to an electric vehicle is still a change that many drivers will still never need to make. Motoring experts say that there will continue to be used petrol and diesel cars available for ...

Delaying petrol and diesel car ban will bring UK into line with EU

The bloc includes major car-making nations such as Germany, France and Spain.

Auction Car of the Week: 1976 Citroen CX 2200 Pallas

Sacré bleu! Our Auction Car of the Week is a 1970s vision of the future. Wait until you see the interior of this classic Citroen CX, too... The post Auction Car of the Week: 1976 Citroen CX 2200 Pallas appeared first on Retro Motor.

Top 10 used executive cars (and one to avoid)

For those in need of an executive car, here are your top 10 best options from the used market, as well as a model to steer away from

Drivers issued urgent warning for 'car cannibalism' trend with crime rates soaring

Experts are urging motorists to watch out for a rising trend in car crime which has been dubbed “car cannibalisation”. This occurs when thieves get their hands on vehicles and strip them for parts wherever they are parked. In doing so, the criminals do not steal the vehicle or move it to another location, making it easier for them and potentially e...

The best used luxury and 4x4 cars you can buy

We take a look at the cars that will handle any journey off road or on with style

2024 Polestar 2 DM 350kW Snow White Exterior Design

Almost 3,0001 Polestar 2 models have found homes in Australia since going on sale in February 2022. Polestar 2 was the brand’s first all-electric volume car, which went into production in 2020. Within three years, over 150,000 cars have now been manufactured. In the UK, where over 20,000 Polestar 2 cars are now on the road, Polestar has been the fastest-growing car brand in the first seven months of 2023, with new vehicle registrations growing by 174% compared to the same period the previous year. The Polestar 2 Long range Single motor is now certified for up to 654 km WLTP, and maximum DC charging speed is now up to 205 kW for versions with the new 82 kWh battery. New motors are more efficient, and a change to rear-wheel drive for single-motor versions and a rear-bias for the dual motor version also means Polestar 2 is even more fun to drive, with power delivery benefitting from weight shifting over the driven wheels.

'I'm a cars expert - avoid buying one type of car if you drive around busy areas'

Choosing the wrong car can burden drivers with heavy bills if they only drive short distances, an expert has warned.

Factbox-Gasoline, diesel vehicles dominate India's auto market, EVs lag

By Aditi Shah and Dhwani Pandya MUMBAI (Reuters) - India's road transport minister on Tuesday warned local and foreign automakers to either cut production of polluting diesel vehicles or face higher taxes and levies, setting alarm bells ringing in the world's third-largest car market. Here are some facts about India's automotive market, the biggest after China and the United States, where

9 electric cars and pick-ups you’ve probably forgotten even existed

'I'm a mechanic - Drivers should consider key aspect when buying a used car'

A leading mechanic has urged road users not to make a simple mistake when buying a second-hand used car.

Bridlington Supercar Saturday: All the best photos as vehicles gather for first charity rally on the Yorkshire coast

More than 80 supercars gathered on Bridlington seafront this weekend for the town’s first ever charity rally.

Why Tories are using cars as a political dividing line in the UK

After a week in which Rishi Sunak rowed back on the UK’s climate commitments and delayed a ban on petrol cars, it seems he is making a pitch to drivers a key part of his pre-election campaign. Here are the wedge issues the Tories are expected to deploy against Labour to paint them as “anti-motorist”: Electric cars Sunak’s controversial delaying of climate pledges was a huge moment and the headline was the delay to banning the sale of new petrol...

11 driving errors we make & how to fix them

Most of us make these errors - but our tips will improve the way you drive, quickly and easily

Coolest cars of the Hot Wheels tour

We join this year’s Hot Wheels Legends Tour – and check out the 10 cars chosen for the UK final.

Crazy facts about luxury cars

A luxury car is a vehicle that offers all the comfort, speed, and features that money can buy. You may need a fat wallet to afford one of these bad boys, but dreaming has never hurt anyone, right? Get to know some amazing facts about some of the world's greatest luxury car brands!

Drivers may soon be able to charge electric cars using bins and street lamps as ministers examine proposals to convert ordinary street objects into 'smart' versions

A pilot has been launched, with six councils across the UK given funding to find new uses for 'street furniture'. They will begin by rolling out street lamps with free internet access and EV charging.

Rishi Sunak sticks to net-zero car policy set to affect all UK manufacturers in months

Rishi Sunak will press ahead with one of his net-zero motoring pledges with UK manufacturers risking thousands of pounds in fines.

Britain’s greatest barn-find haul?

40 alternatively fuelled classic cars

20 shocking car designs

Maserati Grecale GT 2023 review

Tim Pitt drives the new 2023 Maserati Grecale, a premium SUV that aims to steal sales from the Porsche Macan.

The world's first electric cars

Mercedes-Benz IAA Mobility 2023

Mercedes‑Benz is returning to IAA Mobility from September 5 to 10 and is once again defining class with the world premiere of the new Concept CLA Class, the forerunner of a new model family at the gateway to Mercedes‑Benz. In the age of electric mobility and digitalisation, this concept car demonstrates the company’s vision to elevate the segment through aesthetic and extraordinary design, long-range efficiency, pioneering innovation, sustainable materials and an entirely new operating system, MB.OS.

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25 super straight-six engines

Porsche 911 Carrera T

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Wheeler Dealers host left stunned at restored classic Porsche after major mistake

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has unveiled his newly retired classic car after a storage mistake blistered the historic Porsche's bodywork.

Two iconic sportscars from the 50s given new lease of life as electric vehicles

A British manufacturer has revived production of two iconic models from the 1950s, featuring an all-electric powertrain and new fibre-glass bodies.

29 most influential cars

Celebrating the cars that have shaped or influenced the car industry, including the Tesla Model S, Toyota Prius and Porsche 918 Spyder.

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