Antiques Road Trip expert Natasha Raskin Sharp achieved a whopping profit with an 1873 tea service set as she and Phil Serrell set off across the UK to find hidden antique treasures.

In a recently aired episode, Natasha came across the tea set in an antique store and was instantly taken by its colour.

"I can't even cope with it, it is so... I don't think I have ever described a tea server before as heady, but that is a heady affair. The palette, first of all, the pink.

"Who does it make me think of? Is it a bit of Barbara Cartland or something? I mean it is just so full on. It looks very Continental. Is there a maker in the saucer somewhere?"

The lotus tea service was made in 1873 by Vilmos Zsolnay in 1873 and Natasha revealed she knew she "had to have it".

"I mean, Art Nouveau period I think is how I would describe it and it is just so jolly. I'm in love with it," she added.

The expert had picked up a whiskey noggin priced at £60 and the 13-piece tea service was priced at £120.

"Would you take £80 for the tea service, and would you take £35 for the noggin?" the BBC expert asked the store owner.

They agreed to sell the tea service for £80 with the expert paying a total of £120 for the two items.

At the auction house in Wrexham, Wales, Natasha asked Phil: "Is it too pink for you or is it just pink enough?"

"That is just how I look on a beach!" Phil joked as the auctioneer kicked off proceedings at £75, with the price quickly rising to £150.

"Goodnight Mr Serrell," Phil quipped while the tea set rose to £400.

"Are you kidding! Is this happening?" Natasha exclaimed before the auction settled the bidding at £750.

After making a profit of £670, Natasha quipped: "Is this a joke? This is the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Phil congratulated his co-star: "Well done you! Are you, please? Are you pleased that is a stupid question, isn't it? Are you sure this is your lot? That is brilliant isn't it."

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