new Renault Twingo is coming! The classic city car has been given a new completely electrified lease of life, and we don’t mind a little retro revival at all.

At an Extremely Important Business Announcement (Renault Group’s 'capital markets day'), boss Luca di Meo called the new electric Twingo "real and clever" and a "silver bullet for sustainable mobility". It'll apparently cover 6.2 miles for every kWh via a "best-in-class for efficiency" battery.

Di Meo explained such efficiency will be achieved in part with better thermal management of the battery, something VW has been using to eke more range out of the ID.4 and ID.5 recently.

What else do we know? Because it's tiny it'll boast a lower consumption of raw materials to make it, and this cost saving means Renault will sell the thing for less than €20,000 (£17k), enough to keep the influx of incoming Chinese brands on their toes.

We also know it'll use plenty of sustainable materials – get ready for fake cow – but outside of that, everything else is visual. Cue the cutesy frog eye headlights, though we suspect the green paintwork used for the reveal was more symbolic of environmental smarts rather than a nod to Kermit.

Di Meo was keen to point out just how much EV knowledge Renault had amassed by being a forerunner for electric powertrains with the Renault Zoe, which launched back in 2012. That’s because the new Twingo will sit alongside other electrified models, like the Megane E-Tech and Scenic E-Tech, but they’re going to be developed and produced by Ampere, Renault’s new spin-off brand.

The new Twingo will be built in Europe, which will also be helpful when it comes to ‘rules of origin’ regulations. So what do you think?

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