Motorists can find out which car best suits their personality by taking Express.co.uk's simple online quiz.

Whether the thrills of a sportscar, the luxury of a brand new or the practicality of a and sedan, drivers can find their perfect match by answering just six simple questions.

Last year, experts at Your Red Car found almost half of drivers think their vehicle represents their personality.

In a poll of 2,000 motorists, almost half of hatchback owners believe they are loyal and reliable with just five percent admitting they lived life "in the fast lane".

Meanwhile, three in five SUV owners claim they have always put their loved ones first.

However, a massive 33 percent of road users who own 4x4 vehicles like to go "anywhere at any time".

A staggering 20 percent of drivers think their vehicle shows something about their job or occupation.

An eye-watering 17 percent believe it says something about their dress sense while 17 percent say it reveals information about their music taste.

Denton Broom, head of Your Red Car, said: "A car can speak volumes about you as a person, and can often be an extension of our personalities."

Back in 2021, USwitch psychologist Lee Chambers admitted car colours may speak volumes about drivers' personality. He claimed road users who drive black cars tend to have great style and "ooze sophistication".

Grey and silver cars are for drivers with a sensible nature while white vehicles tend to be highly organised and "achieve high status".

However, yellow car owners tend to be "bursting with energy" and look on the bright side of life.

Mr Chambers revealed owners with red cars tend to like being the centre of attention and love to socialise with new people.

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