A study into the areas of England and Wales which have the largest number of potholes has been released and one London borough has taken the top spot. Potholes are a common nightmare for drivers across the UK and one London area has over 3,800 potholes on the roads which is the highest concentration of the holes in the road.

The research, carried out by motoring experts at Bill Plant Driving school, was compiled by Freedom of Information requests to all local authorities in England and Wales in 2022. Of the local authorities, 122 were able to collect data and of them Islington, North London, ranked the highest.

With 25.74 potholes for every mile of road, Islington took the top spot and recorded a total of 3,804 potholes across the area. With only 148 miles of road in Islington, compared to other high ranking parts of England and Wales, the concentration of potholes is higher than larger cities and districts across the country.

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The top ten areas of the UK with a high concentration of potholes are as follows:

  1. Islington
  2. Kirklees
  3. Lancashire
  4. Southampton UA
  5. Kingston upon Hull
  6. Rotherham
  7. Bolton
  8. Wakefield
  9. Caerphilly
  10. North Lincolnshire

Lancashire had the highest number of potholes of any county in total with 67,493 recorded on the roads spanning the 4,405miles across the area.

Kirklees racked up 23,500 potholes and came in second overall with 19.74 potholes per mile of road, which is six potholes less than Islington.

Powys, in Wales, recorded the lowest number of potholes in 2022. Across the county, 214 potholes were reported and when spread out across 3,321 miles of road, this equates to 0.06 per mile.

Caerphilly is the pothole capital of Wales, as well as the 9th highest across the two nations. In 2022, there were over 6,000 potholes reported which is equivalent to 9.85 potholes per mile.

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