June 8, 2023 is a significant date for Porsche: It marks the 75th anniversary of when the very first 356 was certified for the road in 1948.

That's why it's not shocking that, according to a rumor on comedian, commentator, Porsche collector, and friend of Road & T Spike Feresten's podcast, Spike's Car Radio, that the automaker is planning to reveal a new product on June 8.

The rumor he heard is from an unnamed source, and it claims that Porsche is planning to unveil a new car that "has not been talked about yet."

Feresten didn't share any additional info, but podcast guest and ultimate Porsche-collector Jerry Seinfeld speculated Porsche could be planning to release a production version of the flat-eight-powered supercar concept it showed back in April. The more likely outcome, Motor1 suggests, is a new 911 trim called the ST.

The ST moniker was used by Porsche in the Seventies to designate its lightest-weight racing cars. In January, Autocar said the rumored 2024 911 ST would follow that same ethos, pairing carbon fiber panels to the 911 GT3's naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six drivetrain. None of this info has been confirmed by Porsche, however, so take it with a grain of salt. A company representative declined to comment when reached by Road & Track.

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