Polestar’s upcoming 5 electric saloon has made its public debut at an event in Los Angeles.

The 5, which is one of a series of new models from the Swedish brand, has previously only been seen in full camouflage, including during several high-speed runs at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This marks the first time that it has been displayed without any kind of covering, however, showcasing the car’s sleek, aerodynamically-influenced exterior. It’s expected to go on sale in 2025, following the new Polestar 3 and 4 models which are set to hit the road next year.

Polestar has also confirmed that the 5 will produce an impressive 874 hp from a dual-motor setup, while new ‘extreme fast charging’ technology could see more than 150 km of range added in as little as five minutes.

This new charging technology comes through a collaboration between Polestar and charging firm Storedot. It has already been stated that this system will be accessible with current battery technology, removing the need to develop brand-new battery systems instead.

The 5 adopts a long, saloon-car layout with a swept-back design that helps it to cut through the air as effectively as possible. Polestar hasn’t stated what kind of range the 5 will deliver, however.

Unveiled at the firm’s ‘Polestar Day’ in Los Angeles, the 5 sits on a brand-new scalable platform which is completely bespoke to Polestar, rather than adapted from an existing setup used within the wider Geely group – Polestar’s parent company. From the 5, it looks set to underpin the 6 roadster, which is predicted to arrive in 2026.

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