A car expert has warned against purchasing vehicles of a certain kind if you don't want to end up "out of pocket" due to costly mechanical repairs.

Vehicle guru Abigayle Andrew claimed in a social media post that cars that use diesel are significantly more expensive to own, if you only whizz around locally.

Shared from the TikTok account SheTalksCars, Andrew's clip racked up hundreds of likes, with several viewers admitting they'd committed the mistake in the comments.

"I'm just trying to help you avoid a BIG car repair bill," the content creator wrote in the clip while addressing her watchers. "I wish more people knew this before they buy a car, Honestly it'll save you money.

"Seriously, I'm just trying to help you avoid a big car bill."

She continued: "If you're buying a car, don't get diesel if you are [covering] low miles. Don't buy a diesel car if you do a lot of stop-and-start journeys."

Diesel motors that cover short distances are expensive to maintain because drivers will constantly be accelerating, braking, and sitting at traffic lights.

Drivers tend to put their foot down harder to get the engine started, then slow down the vehicle again after it takes over about 20mph, explains the website Car Expert.

What's more, these engines typically lag a bit more than those that use petrol, but are stronger once they're up and running.

In other words; drivers will put their foot down harder to rev up the engine and then lift it moments later, which burns more fuel.

During a shorter journey, engines will only have so much time to warm up.

"So, if your journey involves a short commute to work or trip to the shops, you will get quite poor fuel economy in either a diesel or petrol car," notes the Car Expert.

Though many drivers drive diesel motors smoothly, they need to practice constant anticipation skills while driving through cities.

Viewers agreed wholeheartedly with Abigayle's remarks, with one commentator noting: "So true, diesel cars have to be run or you will have DPF problems.

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