BMW 740i L

We begin strong with a 69,000-mile E38 BMW 740i in long-wheel base form. Equipped with a pair of infotainment screens and even a sunroof and working telephone, this is Noughties luxury nirvana at its very best.


Lexus LS 460

If what you want is a car that’s dependable, never falls short on comfort or practicality and is unlikely to cost you thousands in maintenance fees over the first few years of ownership, a 2007 Lexus LS 460 V8 might be just what you’re after. No wait, wake up!


Porsche 928 SE

Buying a Porsche of any kind for such a low amount of money is always a risk, so if you’re going to take a risk, make it the best possible one. Exhibit A: a Porsche 928 S2 that’s lived in a heated garage for much of its life.


Mercedes-Benz CL500

Anyone that’s ever done a spot of car window shopping online will be no stranger to the Mercedes-Benz CL500 Coupe. Packed with plenty of gadgets and gizmos, this menacing triple black example is quite the chariot.


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

If you can brush off the ‘wedding car’ chants and appreciate the Silver Shadow for what it is, nothing on this list comes close to it in terms of grandeur. It’s far from the most ideal daily, but that’s what will make the once-a-month outing feel special.


Jaguar XFR

A leading choice for a sub £10,000 luxury car, and one whose looks have matured quite gracefully over the years. The snarly XFR is a characterful alternative to anyone that’s growing tired of Germany’s evergreen engineering brilliance.


Mercedes-AMG E55 Wagon

With a return to form for touring models, this 5.5-litre V8-powered Mercedes-AMG E55 represents a much cheaper way of buying into the hype. Oh, and it has 450bhp.


MG ZT 260

Only 800 MG ZT 260s left the factory between 2003 and 2005, and what made them special was a rear-wheel drive conversion and, best of all, a Ford Mustang-sourced 4.6-litre V8. Is this your calling to finally buy British?


Volkswagen Passat W8

Despite being a bit outshone on luxury here, the W8 Passat estate is one of the finest workhorses you can find in this price range. This B5 is a classic case in point, and remains in superb condition with a mere 58,000 miles to its name. Barely run in!


Wildcard: Audi S8

Technically, this is cheating because it’s not a V8. You’ll have to make do with a Lamborghini Gallardo-derived V10 instead, albeit with less power and less noise. Still, a mint example like this remains perennially cool.

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