Inevitable, wasn't it? The Ferrari Purosangue was always going to draw attention from the world’s aftermarket brands, given its styling and lucrative badge. And now, German tuning outfit Pogea Racing has joined the party and previewed the first computer-generated images of its transformation.

A selection of lightweight carbon attachments have been added all-round to complement the chiselled crevices and fissures across the four-seater’s body. This has created a much more bulbous shape, and thanks to the bigger wheel arches, Pogea has been able to fit larger 22/24in aluminium-forged 10-spoke alloys and Michelin tyres.

An all-new exhaust system has also been supplied, with the dual side-mounted configuration ditched in favour of a mid-mounted four-tip tunnel. It doesn’t so much look like an SUV any more but rather an overstuffed hatchback from the pages of an old tuner magazine.

The revised front-end also conceals modified air filters that improve cooling and add more power. Speaking of which, the Pogea Purosangue has retained the original 6.5-litre V12, but thanks to some enhanced turbocharging (among other modifications borrowed from Pogea’s racing division), its output has jumped from 715 to 820bhp. That makes it more powerful than a McLaren 765LT, for some perspective.

Pogea remains tight-lipped on the interior - and pricing, for that matter - but has stated even more carbon and leather will be rolled into the cabin as it continues the refinement process ahead of official production. Indeed, a greater influx of modified Purosangues always seemed to be written in the stars. Or, as a socially awkward purple being from outer space once said, "I am inevitable"...

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