The new BMW 5 Series has just had its grand unveiling with this premium saloon including refreshed styling and the option to take delivery of an i5 version which ditches fuel and offers a fully electric motor instead.

The sharp new exterior and imposing kidney grille look impressive but it’s when you hop inside that things get really interesting.

Mirror Online has had an exclusive sit in the driving seat of the upcoming 5 Series and been given the chance to test out a game-changing update.

Along with the standard 12.3-inch information screen, which sits behind the steering column, the 5 Series also features a giant curved 14.9-inch infotainment control display which can now be used like a PS5-style console to play games.

BMW has teamed up with the entertainment experts at AirConsole to bring this technology to the cabin and it's ludicrously easy and fun to use.

Once the car is stationary, occupants of the 5 Series can launch the console app and choose from a swathe of different titles to play - including quizzes, driving games and football - at the touch of a button.

Luckily, you don’t even need to remember to pack controllers before jumping in the car with all the games playable using a smartphone.

To make life simple, a QR code pops up the screen for a seamless connection with both iPhone and Android via Bluetooth. There’s even the option to have multiplayer action on the display thanks to a competition mode. Once a device is connected it automatically transforms into a controller with a joypad and buttons to bash.

Set-up takes seconds and the games look and play well on the pin-sharp centre screen. There’s no lag and we happily played a game of football and screeched around racing tracks without the hint of a stutter.

At launch, there will be around 13 titles including games such as Go Kart Go, Golazo, Music Guess and Overcooked.

It will be free to use at first although those who want to continue gaming in their car are likely to be charged a subscription fee in future. More titles also look set to be added in future updates.

Of course, none of this technology works whilst the 5 Series is in motion with BMW hoping that it will add some fun to those times when you are waiting in the car - it could be especially handy if you opt for the battery-powered version and want to pass the time whilst the power pack is refilled.

Along with entertainment, there's plenty more going on inside the new BMW 5 Series with it now including a clever Interaction Bar which runs under the instrument panel. This update allows things such as air conditioning and ventilation to be controlled without digging into endless settings on the screens.

There's also full ambient lighting which changes depending on what is happening inside the car.

Other features coming to the 5 Series include a surround sound 12 speaker system from the team at Harmon Kardon and owners get something called an EfficiencyCoach which helps them drive more efficiently.

As we mentioned earlier, the new BMW 5 Series now gets a full electric eDrive40 version which offers over 300 miles of range and can whizz from 0-62 in just 6 seconds.

Not fast enough? Then there's the M60 xDrive model which hits 62mph in under 4 seconds.

Prices for the entry-level petrol 520i start from £49,850 which increases to over £73,000 if you want to go fully electric.

Expect to see it on roads a little later this year.

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