Hoonigan and Audi have released the final chapter in Ken Block’s series of drift videos, which is now available to watch on YouTube.

Electrikhana 2 features the incredible 680hp Audi S1 Hoonitron, a bespoke-built drift car, being driven by Block at speed through Mexico City. 

Filmed just weeks before Block’s tragic death in January 2023, publication of the video was understandably put on hold. However, the Block family took the decision to complete and release Electrikhana 2 in Ken’s memory.

Vorsprung durch drift

Developed by Audi Sport especially for Ken Block, the S1 Hoonitron features a carbon fibre chassis, two electric motors and an FIA-specification roll cage. 

Following completion of  the first Electrikhana movie, filmed in Las Vegas, Block requested upgrades to the S1 Hoonitron for his next video. These included reducing the weight of the car, along with creating a digital transmission to simulate multiple gears. 

Selected via a paddle shifter, the simulated gearbox allowed Block to perform more accurate slides in Mexico by better controlling the Hoonitron’s power delivery.

Audi Sport also engineered the ability to switch into reverse gear at any speed, and even have the front and rear axles pull in opposite directions. The latter function allowed Ken to perform a huge stationary burnout.

A continuing legacy

Despite Ken’s death, the Block motorsport story looks set to continue. His daughter Lia Block won the 2WD category of the American Rally Association championship in 2023.

She is also set to take part in the 2024 F1 Academy series, and recently drove the Audi S1 Hoonitron in a special feature with French rallying legend, Michele Mouton. 

The 43 Institute has been created in Ken Block’s memory, acting as a charitable organisation to support those working in motorsport, action sports and the creative industries.


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