Drivers visiting the island of Jersey will to bring over if they are staying for less than a month.

From May 31, visitors planning a stay of less than 31 days will no longer need to apply for a permit to stay on the island.

This will apply to caravans, campervans and motorhomes and means they will automatically be granted permission to stay, by default.

It is hoped this rule change will simplify the process for tourists and eliminate any additional red tape for motorists.

Deputy Jonathan Renouf, Minister for the Environment, unveiled the change at the end of May, saying it would make the process easier for all involved.

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He said: "The existing system seemed overly burdensome for those valued visitors wanting to enjoy a short visit to Jersey without getting caught up in red tape.

"There are still criteria in place around the size of vehicles, where they're stationed overnight and how long they can stay here without a permit, but we hope that removing the pre-holiday administration will make things more straightforward for the holidaymakers and for our team."

It is noted that anyone wishing to remain on the island with their caravan or motorhome for longer than 31 days will need to apply for permission.

Certain rules still apply and motorists will need to follow them regardless of how long they are planning on staying in Jersey.

Figures show that some £11.6million was paid out to motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians in claims for damage and injuries relating to potholes last year -

This includes all caravans, campervans and motorhomes that must not be used by visitors as "overnight accommodation" unless they are stationed at a designated campsite.

Caravans are also still banned from driving on public roads. One expectation is if they are travelling from the harbour to a campsite.

If they are in transit between England and France and they are not staying overnight, they can drive on Jersey's roads, but they may have limited access.

Caravans travelling on the island must have a maximum width of 2.3 metres and a maximum length of 6.7 metres.

With summer around the corner, many people looking to travel may now place Jersey near the top of their list.

The decision to make it easier for people to visit the island has been described as "progressive" and will hopefully make Jersey more attractive to holidaymakers.

It is estimated that there are over 550,000 touring caravans across the UK, with more than two million people taking holidays in leisure vehicles every year.

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