The hotel booking experts at have found the UK's most walkable city for a . The winning city had a huge number of central hotels, low air pollution, lots of greenery and it was easy to complete most errands by walking.

UK's most walkable cities

  1. York
  2. Brighton
  3. Bath
  4. Bristol
  5. London
  6. Inverness
  7. Liverpool
  8. Cambridge
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Oxford

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The gorgeous historic city of York took the top spot and was crowned the UK's most walkable destination.

One of York's best-rated attractions is York Minster which was recently named England's most beautiful building.

A tourist 'Graham Hulme' wrote on Tripadvisor: "Tremendous place to visit and to marvel at what humans can achieve. You could spend a lifetime here and still find new pieces of craftsmanship."

Tourists can also see one of the UK's best slices of Royal history at the incredible British landmark.

York Minster is now home to one of the UK's only statues of Queen Elizabeth II which was erected to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Brighton took the second spot on the list and is one of the UK's most walkable staycation destinations.

Tourists can ramble the seaside city's Lanes and then head for a bracing walk along the promenade.

After a long stroll, there's nothing better than a fish and chip meal on the beach with breathtaking sea views.

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Bath took third place on the list and is best known for its incredible Roman history and ancient baths.

Although tourists can't take in the Roman baths, they will be able to relax at the city's spa instead.

Bristol was the greenest city on the list while London had some of the most city-centre attractions.

Brighton, Inverness and Cambridge had the lowest levels of air pollution of any of the cities in the rankings.

Matt Fox, CEO and co-founder of, said: "UK city breaks are as popular as ever and with spring around the corner, impromptu weekends away offer a great way to see and experience somewhere new.

"Getting to see all of the best sights somewhere has to offer in a short space of time can be hard work, but doing it on foot guarantees you'll see so much more and stay active in the process too.

"All of Britain's varied and historic cities offer something different and you can pack so much in without needing to set foot in a vehicle in almost all of them."

Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle and Coventry were the least walkable cities in the top 20 rankings.

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