We didn't think it was possible for LIV Golf's TV ratings to get any worse -- and boy, we were wrong.

The second event in LIV Golf's 2023 season took place in Tucson over the weekend and was expected to garner some extra attention since some of the top PGA Tour players in the world weren't competing at the Valspar Championship. And heck, maybe the horrible ratings the first event of the season garnered were just a fluke, right?

This was not the case, as this last weekend's event posted a 0.14 overnight rating, which is even worse than it posted the event before.

Suffice it to say, those low numbers likely weren't what Greg Norman had in mind when he was trying to get LIV Golf on a channel during the league's offseason. 

Multiple television stations turned down the opportunity to air the Saudi Arabia-funded circuit's events before Norman finally reached a deal with The CW back in January

Clearly, Norman's claim that golf fans would flock to watch LIV events and leave the PGA Tour in the dust isn't coming to fruition.

Now, the exact reason LIV Golf isn't attracting viewers isn't exactly clear. Despite packing some serious star power, it is possible that LIV Golf's team format just isn't jiving with viewers the way Norman and his cohorts thought it would. 

It is also possible that Norman's divisiveness and constant bickering with PGA Tour players and higher-ups have turned fans off from viewing LIV Golf events.

Whatever the reason may be, Norman needs to figure out how to get better TV ratings and fast. LIV Golf might be built on paying players huge sums of money, but the league won't last long if nobody cares enough to watch it.

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