A callous dad drove off in an injured woman's car with the boot wide open as she tried to bring her supermarket shopping into her home.

Naveed Hamid, 36, took the woman's keys from her front door after she had brought two bags of shopping into her property. A court heard Hamid leapt into the Volkswagen Golf and drove away as the victim went back to the front of her house to pick up her final bag.

It was the first of two similiar incidents in around eight weeks, for which Hamid was responsible.

Prosecuting at Minshull Street Crown Court, Hugh McKee said: "[The victim] was carrying shopping from the car into her house. The key was left in the front door and that fob also had the key for her car. She had taken two bags of shopping to the house but she was in a leg brace so tasks took her longer than most. As she was going back down the hallway for the final bag she saw a figure wearing a dark-coloured hooded jacket going into the driver's seat of her car.

"He drove off in the car with the boot wide open."

The incident happened on May 26, 2020 amid the first Covid lockdown, reports the Manchester Evening News.

The court heard that on June 10, 2020, Hamid was seen driving a high-powered Audi on false number plates. It was the same vehicle which had been stolen from an Audi garage in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, earlier in the day, Mr McKee said.

Alan McCabe, one of the four other defendants in the case, had also been seen driving the Audi on the same day before Hamid. The 21-year-old was seen behind the wheel in Wythenshawe, Manchester at 7.27pm by a police officer, PC Harford Wykes.

Mr McKee said: "The officer recognised McCabe even though he was wearing a mask over his mouth and chin. The officer knew McCabe well and had him in his sight for at least five seconds. The Audi accelerated away from the junction and out of sight."

The court heard McCabe was driving the Audi on a different set of registration plates, and by the time Hamid was seen behind the wheel in Northenden, Manchester, the car was on its third set of plates. Police pursued Hamid before stopping him, recovering the car and seizing his phone, which contained a WhatsApp conversation about the purchase of the Golf. The court heard officers found McCabe's fingerprints on the car, and the Wythenshawe man told police at interview he had been paid to broke the sale of the Audi.

McCabe, of Wythenshawe, pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods. He has also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary, in connection with a separate offence that links him to the three other defendants - Declan McCluskey, Christopher Ward and Kade McEwan.

Hamid, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, admitted theft and handling stolen goods. Defending Hamid, David Lister told the court his client was now 'a different man in a different phase in his life'.

He said Hamid was living under "financial strain" because of the pandemic in 2020. Mr Lister said his client supports his wife and six children, with the latest born following the incidents he was in court for.

"This is an offence committed in desperation to try and keep his family going," said Mr Lister.

"Of course, he knows that's not really an excuse for his behaviour because of the way it's affected other people."

But Judge Matthew Corbett-Jones insisted Hamid's actions had been "opportunistic" in targeting a woman who was "debilitated by injury to her leg". He said: "[She] clearly was in no position to tackle anybody who tried to seize on that opportunity, quite callously, in order to steal her vehicle.

"That vehicle was taken and driven away as she watched on."

Giving Hamid a 12-month community order with 20 days of rehabilitation activity, Judge Corbett-Jones added: "You were under considerable strain because of financial circumstances brought about by the pandemic. That in no way justifies or excuses your behaviour.

"It may go some way to explain why somebody in your circumstances has gone on to offend in that manner but it's not an excuse. There are very many people that lived through that experience and did not resort to this sort of opportunistic offending."

McCabe will be sentenced on Wednesday, March 15, alongside McCluskey, 20, of Wythenshawe; Ward, 20, of Wythenshawe, and McEwan, 20, of Wythenshawe. All four admitted conspiracy to burgle dwellings between December 25, 2021, and March 3, 2022.

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