Teenager, 14, caught towing a caravan on the M4 with three friends is ordered to pay £20

The schoolboy, 14, was driving the Saab with three friends in the passenger seats when police spotted them on the M4 in Wiltshire. He was arrested and later admitted a raft of driving offences.

Rochester music studio says its been forced to drop 70% of clients due to London's emission charges

Lee Murthwaite, has a vehicle which isn't compliant with London's Ultra Low Emission Zone scheme, meaning he's had to halt all business in and out of the city.

Harry Enfield on Bob Goody: ‘I was too frightened to approach him and tell him how he had inspired me’

In 1981 I saw Bob Goody and Patrick Barlow in the National Theatre of Brent while at university. It was a revelation to discover you didn’t have to be in Monty Python to be as funny as Monty Python. Two months later, I had written and performed in my first comic play, never having dreamed of a life on the stage. Hugh Laurie remembers seeing Bob taking his daughters to school in Archer Street, Soho, next to the strip club. I was working a lot in...

What is really behind Domenicali's "cancel" F1 practice comments

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali raised some eyebrows at the weekend when comments he made suggested that he was looking at scrapping Friday practice sessions at grands prix.

F1: Williams may opt to part ways with Mercedes as engine supplier

The team currently uses Mercedes power units but can switch to another partner after the new regulations come into effect. As per the 2026 regulations, Mercedes will have to part ways with one of its three customers, thus creating an additional supply from Ferrari. Renault is also seeking cu...

Loose tyre sends car flying into air

A car was sent flying several feet into the air after being hit by a loose tyre from a pickup truck nearby.

South London residents fear someone will be killed unless lorries are banned from 'racing' down narrow one-way road

As shown in the video, vehicles also mount the pavement to drive along the street

SNP cars among high-value purchases investigated by police

Police Scotland is investigating high-value transactions, including vehicle purchases made by the SNP as part of an inquiry into alleged missing party funds. It is understood that detectives have questioned senior figures about items of spending and also gifts dating back to 2018 as part of the investigation, which is codenamed Operation Branchform...

POLL: Should electric vehicle owners be fined for overstaying at charging points?

More than 1.15 million plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles are registered in the UK, but do you think owners should be penalised for overstaying at charging points?

Fear in MotoGP, Marquez hits Oliveira at high speed, photos

A nightmarish start to the World Championship for Marc Marquez: the Honda rider ended up in the crosshairs of critics and fans alike for the accident he caused on the third lap of the Portuguese MotoGP Grand Prix, when he exaggerated a braking manoeuvre and hit Aprilia rider Miguel Oliveira.The Catalan star, who immediately apologised to the Portuguese centaur, was booed by the Portimao crowd, enraged by the home rider's crash, and after the race he was penalised by the race commission for his mistake.The race commission decided to punish the eight-time world champion with a double long lap time to be served at the next Argentine Grand Prix in Rio Hondo.

Wavy kerbs installed on London road to slow cars and promote cycling

The controversial filter is part of plans for dozens of 'Low Traffic Neighbourhoods' in busy urban areas.

10 weird hidden Italian treasures

20 fab new cars from 25 years ago

With the Audi TT celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2023, we look at the cars launched alongside it back in 1998.

Toto Wolff could be set for major embarassment as long time partner hints at split

Toto Wolff could be set for a further setback as Mercedes struggles with their W14 continue.

UK cities with the worst pothole problems - including London, Nottingham and Manchester

After a harsh winter, motorists can expect plenty of potholes on British roads. But which areas are affected the most?

New London bus high-tech feature that passengers predict 'won’t last long'

Londoners think the city has an issue with vandalism

Full list of London boroughs where the most parking fines are dished out every day

Figures suggest 19,631 tickets were given out to drivers every day across the UK in 2022

Row erupts as historic leafy village becomes magnet for 'entitled' 4x4 drivers

Residents say that the village stands at a crossroads, as its future shifts further away from its agricultural past

Python caught after slithering under truck while driver was sleeping

Python caught after slithering under truck while driver was sleeping -

18-wheeler carrying a pickup struck by train

This is the moment an 18-wheeler hauling a car carrier was struck by a train in Schertz, Texas on March 21, sending a pickup flying.

The second new Smart electric car is called #3, and it’s an SUV-coupe

Hashtag Three to follow Hashtag One as Smart continues its Geely-backed renaissance

UK electric car future after 2030 car ban is 'unworkable' with e-fuels favoured

The UK should follow the lead of the EU and allow cars to run on e-fuels, according to one expert, who feared the country wouldn't be able to handle the 2030 switch to electric vehicles.

Antiques Road Trip star left speechless as table sells for triple its cost

During a recent instalment of the BBC show, the expert went on a trip down memory lane when he found a table that reminded him of his grandmother

Parkingeye issue at the Royal Preston hospital

David Sanderson has an issue with the company Parkingeye who run the parking operation at the Royal Preston hospital

Laughing gas is set to become illegal in the UK - what to know about the law change

A change in law aims to crack down on anti-social behaviour

Innovative Way To Clean An Excavator's Tracks

Occurred on March 6, 2023 / Akron, Ohio, USA: "Operators used pipe and thumb excavator to clean tracks on larger excavator."

The Croydon yellow box junction that by far catches out more drivers than any other as council makes £439,000 from fines in one year

Most of the fines were issued at one town centre location

Luxury 425ft 'Thunder Bird' hydrofoil vessel with full glass decks is unveiled in concept design

Turkish yacht designer Aras Kazar, has called his creation Wakinyan, a Native American Lakota people word for thunder.

Man puts boulder on his drive to stop drivers cutting corner – and causes chaos

Drivers are getting stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Damon Hill thinks F1 star joined the wrong team after making controversial decision

Just two weeks into the new Formula 1 season, and 1996 world champion Hill has seen enough to suggest one of the newer faces on the grid might have made a mistake

Baffling ancient inventions science still can't explain

It's easy to think of the evolution of technology as a linear process, starting from the most primitive simple machines and only improving up to the self-driving cars and artificial intelligence that we have today. But that's not quite right. Some ancient cultures managed to develop some bafflingly complex and sophisticated inventions using techniques and knowledge that seemed to come out of nowhere, and in some cases weren't replicated for hundreds of years afterwards. Scientists and historians are always working hard to figure out how these inventions came about, but some secrets are hidden in history forever. Intrigued? Read on to uncover impressive ancient inventions.

London ULEZ: The very bizarre looking 'robot' car that's the 'cheapest' you can buy to avoid paying £12.50 charge

The Citroen Ami is one of the cheapest electric vehicles on the market

Spain’s Natural Park Of The High Pyrenees Bans Motorcycles

Rider advocacy groups are challenging the biased mandate.

Vintage hacks that still work

People don't usually look back at tips from yesteryear, but there are plenty of useful vintage home hacks that are worth a try, even with contemporary solutions on the market. Whether it's a suggestion from your grandparents, or a DIY trick from an old family friend, these vintage hacks have been passed down from generation to generation, and rightfully so. Not only do they work, but they're also super nifty! Want to know more? Then check out this gallery for some tips and tricks that still hold up today.

Fury over Sadiq Khan's ULEZ expansion grows as protesters cover cameras with shopping bags

The expansion of ULEZ will be going ahead later this year with some drivers subjected to a £12.50 daily charge.

Kettering Police Station

Kettering Police Station in London Road, Kettering for sale

Police are strip-searching children in patrol cars, ‘disturbing’ report reveals

Police are strip-searching children in their patrol cars, the Children’s Commissioner has revealed in a “disturbing” new report. Almost 3,000 children were strip-searched by police in England and Wales between 2018 and mid-2022, according to the report by Dame Rachel de Souza. Nearly a quarter of incidents involved a child aged between 10 and 15, w...

Fisker has claimed a 440-mile range for the Ocean Extreme e-SUV

Original estimate of 391 miles exceeded with latest WLTP range update

Peter Kay's tour sparked concern from pal Paddy McGuinness as he refuses to attend show

Top Gear star Paddy McGuinness has revealed he was worried when his friend Peter Kay announced his comeback tour plans last year.

‘Oscar Piastri rejecting Alpine one of the most astonishing decisions by an F1 rookie’

Oscar Piastri boldly turned down an Alpine seat to race for McLaren in F1 2023, but ahead of his home race has the Aussie made a mistake?

Moment dog pulled from 20m-deep culvert after 40-hour operation using thermal imaging

Moment dog pulled from 20m-deep culvert after 40-hour operation using thermal imaging -

Big-selling cars now vanishing from our roads

We look at the fate of some of the most popular cars of the 70s and 80s

Outrage after Transport for London uses 'loophole' to install 4 ULEZ cameras

The cameras have been installed on traffic lights in Pinner

Lifeline for the combustion engine: EU agrees to allow cars running on e-fuels to be sold after 2035 - and UK says it may do the same 'if they are zero emission'

A DfT spokesperson told us that if industry can prove e-fuels are 'zero-emission at the tailpipe' combustion engine cars using them would remain on sale beyond 2035.

Highway Code: Drivers' common mistake when we are trying to be polite that could land you with a £1,000 fine

Avoid unexpected fines by making sure you are up to date on the latest Highway Code

Jenson Button takes ‘massive whack’ from Kimi Raikkonen in barmy COTA race

For Jenson Button, his NASCAR Cup Series debut was an "emotional rollercoaster", and included a hit from Kimi Raikkonen.

Classic Mini left in dusty garage for 33 years sells for £40,000 at auction

It went for four times its asking price.

What does the sensor behind my car’s windscreen do?

Many modern cars feature sensors fitted behind the interior rear-view mirror. We explain what these do and how they work.

Police officer narrowly avoids disaster

Police officer narrowly avoids disaster as vehicle smashes into stationary police car.

We’ve been thinking about the SsangYong Actyon, and frankly all other coupe SUVs are dead to us

Coupe-ified SUVs aren’t actually as new a trend as you might think. In fact, SsangYong was building one in 2005