A couple who claim a Morrisons van caused £25,000 worth of damage to their garden has been offered just £746 compensation.

Stan and Sharon Wainwright allegedly put £200,000 into their dream garden, which features a luxury front lawn with a centre-piece water feature and two large fountains.

However, according to the couple, their labour of love was destroyed when a delivery driver crashed into their wall while bringing them their weekly shopping, reports StokeonTrentLive.

Stan, 71, said the van clipped a front pillar, damaging it "beyond repair", whilst hitting an electricity box which left the fountains without power and exposed live cables.

The couple said because of the fountain drying up, they are now been left with an algae problem and the entire debacle will apparently cost about £25,000 to fix.

But Morrisons has offered just £746 compensation - less than 30 times what the Wainwrights will allegedly need to pay.

Stan said: "I have tried everything to get some cooperation from Morrisons and their insurance company, and they are just not interested.

"Morrisons caused the damage to our property and they are not interested in resolving the situation."

Green-fingered Stan said the algae problem would cost £18,000 to sort alone, as the fountain needed to be replaced.

He added: "The result of the electricity being disconnected for so long is that the water is stagnant and green algae is now starting to spread.

"We informed Morrisons' insurance company that a tradesman had quoted £290 to clean the fountains but it was not guaranteed the stains would be removed.

"The longer the delay to addressing the problem, the increased likelihood that the complete units will require replacement."

Stan said the couple only noticed the damage the day after the delivery, when they watched CCTV footage.

The couple's fight for compensation started with a trip to their local store, and has since escalated to sending recorded letters to the supermarket executives.

Morrison's insurance company told the couple it was "not liable for any damage to the fountains", he said.

"This is not right as if the electricity had not been damaged by the Morrisons delivery vehicle our fountains would have been working and no damage would have been caused," he said.

"If they had arranged for the work to be done quickly the electrics could have been repaired and it all could have been completed before any damage was caused to the fountains."

The couple claimed the supermarket offered just £746 to fix the brick pillar and electrics.

Morrisons confirmed it had made a three-figure offer as compensation for the accident.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain said: "Our insurers have thoroughly investigated this claim and loss adjusters have attended the property in order to assess the damage.

"We are only liable to repair the actual damage and have settled on an amount that does that."

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