More than eight million Britons have tried CBD products since 2016 thanks to their medicinal claims, according to the Business Leader Industry Report. Young people could be particularly at risk with #CBDOil and #CBDGummy on TikTok garnering more than 215 million views, but drivers might be .

Producers claim that CBD can reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression, help manage pain and ease issues with sleep.

As a relatively new product on the market, Veygo found there is still limited research into how CBD use could affect users on the roads.

With the growing market for these products, there is an increased risk of taking something else which contains higher THC, therefore drivers could unknowingly be under the influence and be pulled over by the police.

Drug driving offences can have for drivers, with the potential for six months in prison, a criminal record and a 12-month driving ban.

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The main difference between CBD oil and marijuana is that products contain a concentration of the cannabinoid, with less than 0.2 percent THC.

When bought from regulated, official sources, CBD products can be purchased and consumed safely.

However, the rise of online suppliers means it is increasingly difficult for product on the market to be regulated.

A study from the University of Iowa found that there are "minimal" risks when using CBD, although pharmacists still urge drivers to exercise caution.

While the substance is regulated, its growing use may be a cause of concern for drivers - given there is currently no clear guidance on whether using it could constitute a drug driving offence.

James Armstrong, CEO of Veygo, said: "With the interest in CBD on the rise, particularly among younger people, in addition to increased availability of CBD products - from gummies and oils to popular infused drinks - we'd urge all drivers to exercise caution.

"We sought expert advice to shed some light on this issue that may concern new drivers, but as a newer product on the market, research into the impact of CBD on individuals is still ongoing.

"Reports show results and side effects can vary, particularly when used alongside other medication."

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Mr Armstrong added that drivers should avoid using anything that could affect their ability to drive safely.

He said there are already enough factors in everyday life which could affect how people feel like dehydration, excessive intake of caffeine and even tiredness.

Abbas Kanani, pharmacist at Chemist Click, acknowledged the massive jump in CBD usage, adding that people are attracted to the health benefits.

He added: "The amount of CBD that can be consumed while still maintaining total control of your body will vary depending on various factors, such as your body weight, metabolism, and sensitivity to CBD.

"High doses of CBD may cause drowsiness or other mild side effects, especially when taken in conjunction with other medications or substances."

Mr Kanani warned of the side effects, adding that CBD can cause dry mouth, diarrhoea, reduced appetite, and changes in mood or alertness.

If someone experiences any unwanted side effects, they should discontinue use and talk to their doctor.

In the event that they experience any reactions, such as drowsiness or dizziness, they should avoid driving until the effects wear off and talk to their healthcare provider about adjusting the dose.

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