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Honda CR-V review: familiarity in a sea of change

A few years ago, Toyota ran an advertising campaign in America for the Camry (bear with me here). The ad took a series of Camry-owning families that, despite owning several models of this quintessentially dull saloon, had never actually sold one. When they wanted a new one, they simply shuffled their existing fleet down one layer of the family peck...

Honda to unveil three concepts including electric sports cars

Covers to come off concepts at next month's Japan Mobility Show; one expected to be successor to NSX

29 most influential cars

Celebrating the cars that have shaped or influenced the car industry, including the Tesla Model S, Toyota Prius and Porsche 918 Spyder.

Cult microcar Isetta makes all-electric comeback as city runabout

One of the world's most iconic microcars is making its comeback as an electric reboot for crowded urban environments. A Swiss company has taken the 1950s cult Isetta and turned it into an battery-powered runabout called the Microlino, seating two people in just 2.50 metres of length and 1.50 metres in width. Like the original, the Microlino has a f...

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Danny James has quite the car collection and after deciding to sell he got thousands and thousands more that was estimated after cashing in at auction

2028 Alfa Romeo 4E primed as electric 4C successor

Successor to 4C to adopt zero-emission powertrain with huge power and more than 500 miles of range

The JDM Toyota GR86 Anniversary Edition celebrates 40 years since the AE86

Special dampers, big brakes and some paint mark out a Japan-only 86 special

The Nissan Micra concept car with scissor doors and race car looks

Nissan has unveiled a radical early prototype of its next generation Micra to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its London-design centre.

British drivers may face new EU vehicle rules to target petrol and diesel cars

Petrol and diesel drivers in the UK could soon see new emissions standards from Europe, potentially within the next two years. Earlier this week, ministers from the European Union agreed to water down a European Commission proposal on new vehicle emissions rates. Eight key nations, including France and Italy, called for the plans to be “diluted” so...

Toyota C-HR Roadshow

On the occasion of the recent launch of the new Toyota C-HR, initially in online reservation format for the Premiere Edition and GR SPORT Premiere Edition versions, Toyota Spain launches the 'Toyota C-HR Roadshow', with the aim of bringing it closer to its clients and potential clients, so that they can meet you in person. Like the roadshow that was held during 2021 and in which the new Toyota Yaris Cross Electric Hybrid was made available to customers, now, and for 3 and a half months, anyone who is interested in seeing the second one in person generation of the crossover that revolutionized the C-SUV segment can do so at your trusted dealer. Two units of the new Toyota C-HR – in Premiere Edition and GR SPORT Premiere Edition finishes – will rotate throughout the Official Network of Toyota Spain Dealers, each of them being displayed in a facility, so that it will be possible to cover a large part of the national territory in a short time.

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Major car brand to ignore Rishi Sunak's car ban delay by going all-electric before 2030

Car manufacturing giant Nissan has pledged to go ahead with its all-electric plans despite the rollback of the 2030 petrol and diesel car sales ban. The Japanese brand said all new models in Europe would be entirely electric by the end of the decade. This follows the announcement from Rishi Sunak where he delayed a number of net zero proposals incl...

Drivers issued urgent warning of 'alarming' car scams which could cost motorists £1,000

Car and van buying scams have risen by a staggering 74 per cent in the first half of 2023, compared to the same time period in 2022, based on new data. Vehicles are now the most common type of online shopping scam reported by UK victims, in addition to accessories like car parts. On average, victims are losing an average of £998, with younger peopl...

BMW to offer highly automated driving from the end of the year

BMW is set to follow Mercedes-Benz in offering self-driving systems to luxury cars at home in Germany, allowing drivers to take their eyes off the road and watch a video under certain conditions. "We have approval from the German Motor Transport Authority to offer level 3 automated driving in Germany," BMW division manager Nicolai Martin told Germa...

Four in five cars sold must be electric by 2030 despite petrol ban delay

Four in every five vehicles sold must be electric by the end of the decade, ministers have told car bosses, despite Rishi Sunak’s decision to delay a ban on new petrol sales. Mark Harper, the Transport Secretary, is understood to have told companies building charging points that the Government is pressing ahead with the so-called zero-emission vehi...

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Why Tories are using cars as a political dividing line in the UK

After a week in which Rishi Sunak rowed back on the UK’s climate commitments and delayed a ban on petrol cars, it seems he is making a pitch to drivers a key part of his pre-election campaign. Here are the wedge issues the Tories are expected to deploy against Labour to paint them as “anti-motorist”: Electric cars Sunak’s controversial delaying of climate pledges was a huge moment and the headline was the delay to banning the sale of new petrol...

Maserati Grecale GT 2023 review

Tim Pitt drives the new 2023 Maserati Grecale, a premium SUV that aims to steal sales from the Porsche Macan.

The Yangwang U8 is a 1,184bhp plug-in hybrid SUV that can float on water

BYD’s posh sub-brand unveils the U8 Premium Edition in China. Will do 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds (on land)

Dramatic moment £200k Porsche bursts into flames as firefighters fight for control

Audi and Porsche are recalling 6,676 electric vehicles due to a potential fire risk and are planning to get dealers to inspect each car and then replace the entire battery if needed

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Polestar 2 review: more range than a Tesla Model 3 – for less cash

Do you know what was unique about the Renault 21? Not much, you might think. After all, this otherwise innocuous, mid-range family saloon of the 1980s is almost forgotten these days. But, beneath its ruler-edged styling, the 21 hid a quirk worthy of a pub quiz question: it is the only car that has ever been made available, in production form, with ...

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Rishi Sunak sticks to net-zero car policy set to affect all UK manufacturers in months

Rishi Sunak will press ahead with one of his net-zero motoring pledges with UK manufacturers risking thousands of pounds in fines.

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