Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has been left stunned after mechanics repaired his Porsche 911 after a major mistake damaged the bodywork.

Brewer showed off the gleaming 911 on a video uploaded to X, formerly Twitter, hours after a pair of experts arrived at his garage to fix the problem with his classic car.

The 59-year-old TV star was left almost speechless as he displayed the updated paintwork after his car had been badly damaged.

Beaming to the camera, Brewer admitted he would be taking the Porsche to a couple of shows before the end of the year.

Panning around to show the two mechanics from motoring experts CarGods, Brewer praised the duo's hard work in getting the car back to looking brand new.

He said: "Boys boys, boys, you have absolutely smashed this one out of the park. Ladies and gentlemen look at that.

"I mean that is just insane isn't it? The car looks like it was just rolling out of the production line in 1982."

When asked to clarify if they had used store-bought products to fix the vehicle, CarGods confirmed they "absolutely" were.

Tom from Car Gods explained: "[It's a] dual action machine polisher. We've got matching pads for the compounds so it's dead easy for people to get on and do."

Earlier in the day, Brewer admitted his historic Porsche had been damaged after making a major storage error.

The TV star revealed he had placed the car in a tent over the winter but came back months later to find it had frozen up.

After the winter he had discovered moisture had gotten inside which had damaged the paintwork.

He told followers: "Obviously the material and the chemicals they use in the tent fabric when it defrosted, it defrosted onto the car.

"So it's all rained inside the tent onto the car and it's blistered the paintwork."

Social media users were quick to praise the mechanic's work as they joined in Brewer's joy.

@ProffotoEvents said: "Nice one, looks amazing. Don't put it back in the tent this winter."

@dholmesph added: "Looks good and shiny, unfortunately not my taste of car."

Meanwhile, @gregcox commented: "I've only ever owned red cars and that looks amazing."

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