Was this classic Vauxhall Victor the getaway car for a Cold War spy?

Museum baffled by mystery of low-mileage classic Vauxhall

All the winners of the Engine of the Year award - does your car have one?

From a frugal 1.0-litre to a mighty 3.9-litre V8, here’s a list of the overall winners of the International Engine of the Year trophy

Youths on bikes and quads trash football pitch by 'doing doughnuts and wheel spins'

The youths were there to film a music video but it's left the football club furious.

Jeremy Clarkson takes swipe at James May for supporting 'leftie' speed limits

Jeremy Clarkson said James May 'virtually lives in the socialist cesspit that is Twitter.'

Classic Audi Quattro expected to soar at auction

A classic Audi Quattro is predicted to fetch a high price when it heads to auction next month. The Quattro, just one of only 295 right-hand-drive, 20-valve RR models built, was given a full restoration in July 2016. It cost the then-owner £29,000 to complete, too. The car has covered 8,000 miles since its full restoration and now has 105,000 miles ...

F35 fighter jets roar through Lancashire's skies

A pair of F35 fighter jets boomed through the skies over Lancashire on Tuesday (February 7). The F-35s – the world's most advanced fighter aircraft – were an awesome sight as they thundered over rooftops in Preston, South Ribble, Chorley, Fylde and Wyre yesterday. The fighters took to the skies to mark a special milestone at BAE Systems in Samlesbury, which celebrated delivering their 1,000th rear fuselage to US aerospace and defence giant Lockheed Martin.

Bangers that work: 19 bargain cars that won't let you down

Of the compromises you’re willing to accept buying used, reliability shouldn’t be one of them. James Ruppert has pored through the classifieds to find bargain bangers that won’t fail you

The sporty cars that looked fast - but actually weren’t really

We take a look at the cars whose looks wrote cheques their engines couldn’t always cash

Delivery drivers caught on camera in town centre pedestrian zones

A Dartford resident says nuisance delivery drivers are driving through no-entry signs in pedestrian zones in the town centre.

The shortest-lived cars in UK history

None of these cars lasted very long - and not always because they were sales disasters

Why MotoGP's first pre-season test of 2023 will decide Marquez and Honda's future

OPINION: The first MotoGP pre-season test of 2023 kicks off this Friday in Malaysia and will mark a turning point for Honda. Regardless of whether things go well and the bike delivers what is expected, or if it goes badly as has been the case in recent years, it is set to have a profound impact on the future of its biggest asset

The forgotten cars of the 1980s

The 1980s bear similar parallels with today, so perhaps it's time for us to remember the cars everyone seems to have forgotten

This is the very first BMW-era Rolls-Royce Phantom VII

The original ‘Goodwood Phantom’ made its debut at 00.01 on 1 January 2003

Alfa Romeo decision hints at concerning F1 trend George Russell has already warned about

In F1, the colour black really is slimming – and teams are being forced to incorporate more exposed carbon fibre in their livery designs to help with a key problem

Restaurateur defends £19.50 burger after people complain about price

"You don't see people complaining on an Audi post that their latest car costs £70k or whatever."

New social media study shows striking swings in MotoGP's popularity

An analysis of the social networks of MotoGP riders and teams confirms that Marc Marquez has taken over from Valentino Rossi as the series' most popular figure.

Martin Brundle identifies major issues with new Alfa Romeo livery after 2023 launch

Alfa Romeo have lifted the covers off its new 2023 challenger.

Brazen motorist going 50mph is stopped by police for eating soup at the wheel

Police in Bedfordshire stopped the driver along the A421 yesterday after they were seen taking several 'slurps' of soup and not properly holding onto the steering wheel.

What's it like to drive Rolls-Royce's first ELECTRIC car? We take to the wheel of the new £350,000 Spectre

We were privileged to be one of only a handful of people to be allowed behind the wheel of a near production-ready version of the sleek battery-powered luxury fastback. Here's what it's like.

Foxes caught mating on Hyundai bonnet

A Ring doorbell has captured the moment two foxes were caught mating on a car bonnet in Ramsgate.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille obituary: More than Renault's trailblazer

Jean-Pierre Jabouille secured his place in motorsport history at Dijon in 1979 when he became the first driver to win a grand prix in a turbocharged Formula 1 car.

Great used cars that you can buy for £7000

A relatively meagre budget doesn't stop you from having a brilliant car at your disposal…

BCH Road Policing Unit capture footage of unsecured load on A421 Kempston

Footage captured by BCH Road Policing Unit's unmarked HGV show an unsecured load on the A421 Kempston. Video: BCH Road Policing Unit

Royal Enfield Announces Pricing For Super Meteor 650 In The U.K.

The Super Meteor is Royal Enfield's most premium model to date.

5 surprising uses for WD-40

It can get you out of a range of household fixes...

Rolls-Royce included in huge £113m cash package to develop groundbreaking new jet engine

The British engineering giant is working on a zero-emission liquid hydrogen combusting jet engine that could revolutionise flying.

TfL finally unveils futuristic DLR trains that even have neon lights inside

The striking colour scheme isn't the only upgrade.

F1 rocked as FIA boss 'relinquishes control' as he pens shock letter amid growing tension

Motorsport looks ready to embrace change after FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem penned a letter announcing he'd be taking a less hands-on approach to his duties

Octopus Energy grows largest UK virtual power plant that could 'slash bills for everyone'

The company has announced the combined capacity of car batteries on the tariff has now surpassed 100MW, enough energy to power a city the size of Leicester for an hour.

McLaren announce major new partnership ahead of F1 2023 season

McLaren hope for on-track gains through a smoother global supply chain as they announce a new partnership with DP World...

Britain’s greatest barn-find haul?

North West news update 8 Feb 2023: Two killed in crash involving motorcycle and pedestrian

Audience editor Julia Bennett with today's top north west news headlines and weather

Dad threatened to crash car into tree with ex-wife and twin children inside

The dad exploded into a fit of rage when his ex-wife asked him for child maintenance money.

The Wolverine XS 800 Is A Weird Cruiser With A 360 Rear Tire

The Wolverine XS 800 is the newest model to roll out of Chinese manufacturer Xiang Shuai's assembly line.

Electric chargers for cars blocking pavements for disabled people, survey finds

The increase in electric charging points for cars is making it more difficult for disabled people to move around urban areas, a new report has found. In a survey of more than 1,000 disabled people, it was found that “pavement clutter” in the form of new electric charging points, on-street dining areas and parked cars was making it harder to move ar...

Ineos Grenadier driven: Sir Jim Ratcliffe's £69,000 Defender rival is named after his favourite London pub - so is it fizzing with brilliance?

Ray Massey has been up to the Scottish Highlands to put the production-ready Ineos Grenadier to the test ahead of first deliveries arriving to UK customers early this year.

20 cool classics with a vinyl roof

We venture back in time to the heyday of the vinyl roof, as worn by the Ford Capri, Citroen GS, Jaguar XJC and more.

Ineos Grenadier review: a perfect reproduction of the old Land Rover Defender – warts and all

It has been six years since Sir Jim Ratcliffe, chemicals squillionaire and tough Lancastrian, walked into a pub with a few mates and started to talk about making a car. Not just any car, but a replacement for the previous-generation Land Rover Defender, which Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) had despatched into the deep the year before and then refused Ratc...

POLL: Should motorists have to surrender their driving licence at 85?

More elderly Britons are staying on the roads for longer and the UK Government has been urged to "prepare for this demographic change".

Reports HS2 services will be halved - and run at lower speeds - dismissed as 'speculation' by govt

The Department for Transport has said it "does not comment on speculation" after proposed cost-saving plans for HS2 were reported.

18 rare classic cars once owned by Lewis Hamilton’s dad

Anthony Hamilton is best known for being the father and former manager of F1 driver Lewis. He has great taste in cars, too.

Most and least reliable small cars

Value is key to the appeal of many small cars, but that can be completely undermined if they require costly repairs. So, here we reveal the most and least dependable models

Reasons why your car won't start

Have you ever gotten into your car in the morning and it just didn't start? It is truly frustrating and indeed very annoying when this happens. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as getting your jumper cables out of the trunk and finding another driver to help you out, but, some other times, this is not the solution, as the problem is not quite a dead battery. In this gallery, we look at the main reasons why a car might not start. Click on and get your motor runnin'!

'Act now!' Polestar and Rivian call out other manufacturers for lack of climate action

Electric vehicle manufacturers Polestar and Rivian have made a joint call for collective action among automakers to tackle climate change.

BMW and VW win appeal over UK antitrust information request

LONDON (Reuters) -BMW and Volkswagen won an appeal in a London tribunal on Wednesday over the British antitrust regulator's powers to demand information from companies based outside the United Kingdom. The German carmakers challenged the powers of the Competition and Markets Authority to request documents and information relating to a probe into alleged anti-competitive conduct in the recycling

Manchester Metrolink tram collisions with vehicles as TFGM issue warning to motorists

Transport for Greater Manchester is urging motorists to “be tram aware” when driving near the Metrolink by releasing footage of recent road traffic collisions on the network. Between April and December 2022 there were 91 car collisions with trams, with most incidents caused by driver error on the motorist’s side. Drivers are being asked to be more aware of their surroundings when sharing road space with trams, particularly at junctions and level crossings. The footage of each of the three collisions released by TfGM today shows drivers of cars and heavy goods vehicles pulling ahead of oncoming trams before the tram driver can react.

Here's What Happened After Using This Callaway Driver All Year

In this video, Martin Hopley reveals the data behind his year with the Callaway Rogue ST Max driver. - - For the latest reviews, new gear launches and tour news, visit our website here - Like us on Facebook here - Follow us on Twitter here -

The deadliest smogs in history

Smog is a term used to describe a combination of smoke and fog. Very specific weather conditions mixed with air pollution can form a deadly cocktail. The Industrial Revolution, with its factories and incinerators, kick-started these deadly incidents, but wildfires and other pollutants have also played a role in many of these smog events. In this gallery, we look back in history and bring you the deadliest smogs to date. Click on to discover them all.

Top cars from the 90s to buy now

Once upon a time, new cars were simple, fixable, easy to live with and fun - with just enough kit to be safe and comfy. That was the 1990s, but today they make smart buys

25 stylish and surprising cars called GT

We name 25 great cars to wear the GT badge with pride