Hydrogen could still fuel the future of the combustion engine

The way cars are powered isn't a done deal yet – the mix of methods could be more interesting than ever before

Audi, Ford, BMW, VW and Alfa Romeo drivers in UK 'warned'

'MPG' stands for miles per gallon and is a measurement of how many miles your car can travel per gallon of petrol or diesel that it uses.

These are the fastest production VW Golfs - from G60 to R - ever built

Like Golfs? Like Hot Golfs? These are the hottest (production) Hot Golfs ever built. Pick a fave

Ford shelves plans to go all-electric from 2030 as EV boss says deadline was 'too ambitious'

In an interview with Autocar, Marin Gjaja, the boss at Ford Model E, said 'uncertainty' around EV demand and legislation has forced it to shelve the target of 2030.

Edmunds: Here are five big SUVs that are great for towing big trailers

Edmunds: Here are five big SUVs that are great for towing big trailers - Big summer plans that call for big toys require generous towing limits

Higher prices and limited options push car buyers from new to used

Motor trade is struggling to shift new cars, with some dealers considering dropping their franchises

2024 Audi SQ6 - Interior and Exterior in details

Audi SQ6 e-tron (2024) - Visual Review System Output: 380 kW (510 Hp) 0-100 (km/h): 4.3 s Top Speed: 230 km/h Range WLTP: 625 km Base Price: €93.800 Special thanks to @AudiDE #audi

Skoda Octavia review: still one of the best family cars ever

Normally, when a manufacturer tells us about the new paint colours that are part of a mid-life facelift, it’s a bad sign. If the colour chart is the headline news, five will get you 10 that there isn’t much else of novelty. So the news that the latest Skoda Octavia is offered in a pair of rather violent paint schemes has come as a bit of a concern....

20 fine Japanese cars - and how to grab one from £4000

From cult classics to supercar-slaying saloons, Japan (and four grand) has you covered

Digitalization: A Game Changer for the Auto Industry

NVIDIA partners describe how digitalization is redefining productivity, cost-efficiency, and innovation in the automotive industry.

The Most Iconic Custom Cars

Throughout history, there have been some really cool custom cars that have become famous. These cars are more than just machines; they're like characters with their own personalities. People love them because they're unique and show off the creativity and style of their makers. These custom cars have a special place in our hearts and remind us of the passion and imagination behind their designs.

Diesel MPG Surprise: Does a Lifted Truck ACTUALLY RUIN Your Fuel Economy?

( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our TFLstudios content, from news to videos and our podcasts! What's the Lifted Truck MPG Penalty? We Compare a 2024 GMC Sierra AT4X 1500 AEV edition with a 3.0L Duramax I6 vs a Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel Black Edition by Elevation Off Grid. ( ) Visit our Patreon page to support the TFL team! Watch more videos from TFL Studios: The Fast Lane Truck ( ) The Fast Lane Car ( ) TFLoffroad ( ) TFLbike ( ) TFLnow ( ) TFLclassics ( ) TFLtalk ( ) TFL Podcasts: TFL Talkin' Cars Podcast ( ) TFL Talkin' Trucks Podcast ( ) #powerstroke #duramax #denver100

The 2025 Hyundai Santa Cruz XRT Is A More Rugged Lifestyle Crossover Truck

The #HyundaiSantaCruz gets some updates for 2025 and for those of you looking for a more rugged and capable model, the #SantaCruzXRT gets more capability this year and improved tech on the inside. Expect #Hyundai to release updated pricing on the #SantaCruz as we get closer to the on-sale date later this summer. We're also on: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

The bad habits that might kill your car

Small, basic steps can keep your car running longer -- and save you money

Photos Of The 25 Rarest Cars In The World

Dive into the elite realm of the world's rarest cars. From limited-edition masterpieces to one-of-a-kind marvels, discover the captivating stories behind these rare gems. Unearth the extraordinary engineering, exquisite designs, and unparalleled craftsmanship that make these cars true works of art.

Junkyard Discoveries from Ron’s Auto Salvage in Allison, Iowa

Enjoy our tour of one of America’s most interesting junkyards

Cupra Leon Estate review: swift, sure and comfortable – the perfect antidote to ubiquitous SUVs

“This is a complete shambles,” I observed to the check-in lady at 6:30 on a chilly late spring morning. “I’ve just spent three quarters of an hour queuing to have my passport checked by a British and then a French border official and another 20 minutes waiting in line not to have a security check.” “Oh no, this is good,” she grinned. “If you want t...

Dacia's budget-friendly Sandero tops Europe's sales chart - as Tesla's best-seller of 2023 plunges down the order

Starting from £13,795, Sandero is officially Britain's cheapest new model. However, it failed to break into the list of top 10 more popular cars in the UK in the first six months.

Mercedes Electric ENGINE - Battery PRODUCTION ASSEMBLY Line

Mercedes Electric Battery Production Assembly. How It's Made Mercedes-Benz Plant Assembly Line Battery and Production. Mercedes Manufactory Elecreic and Hybrid Vehicvles Car and SUV Get an inside look at the production of Mercedes Electric Batteries in this fascinating video. #Mercedes #Electric #Battery From start to finish, we'll take you through the entire assembly line process of creating the powerful batteries that power Mercedes electric vehicles. See the state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering that goes into making these cutting-edge batteries. Don't miss this behind-the-scenes look at #Mercedes' commitment to sustainable transportation. ⚡️ Discover ALL new cars before anyone else! SUBSCRIBE Now to Gommeblog Car and Performance ► 🔔 Don’t miss next videos: Press the little bell ((🔔)) to get notifications 🖥 My website ► 🔥 JOIN: Memberships Link ►

Welcome to the weird world of the 1970s microcar

This collector focuses on these miniature marvels and plans to drive one all over the UK. We learn more

5 Things You Didn't Know About Your Modern Toyota and Lexus

A Toyota Specialist shares 5 things that most Toyota and Lexus Owners don't know about their modern model. TCCN Automotive Inc. Toyota and Lexus Specialist Repair Visit to schedule your appointment today. Check out the second channel : Recommended Tools: Basic Scan Tool Very good DIY Scan Tool Advanced Scan tool Spill Free Coolant Replacement Funnel Sun roof drain cleaning tool Good DIY Torque Wrench 1/2" Wireless Apple CarPlay for ToyotaLexus Very Good Triple Camera Borescope *as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Follow the channel on Social Media : Check out the channel Merch store

Cheaper than a campervan and easier than a tent: why ‘car booting’ is taking off

Along with adventurers, holidaymakers and business owners, I’m one of a wave of people beginning to recognise the genius of “car booting” – no, not rummaging for bargains amid piles of tat in a soggy field, but turning a car luggage area into a camper and saving thousands compared with the cost of buying and running a purpose-built campervan. Car b...

How Far Can a Tesla Cybertruck ACTUALLY Tow? We Compare It To a Diesel Truck!

( ) Get an adjustable high-quality hitch for any towing job! ( ) Check out our one-stop site to find ALL our TFLstudios content, from news to videos and our podcasts! Now that we finally have our hands on the Tesla Cybertruck, we can put it to one of the ultimate truck tests: a full-on towing range test! Here's how the fully electric Tesla compares to a modified diesel truck. ( ) Huge selection of high quality trailers. ( ) Visit our Patreon page to support the TFL team! Watch more videos from TFL Studios: The Fast Lane Truck ( ) The Fast Lane Car ( ) TFLoffroad ( ) TFLbike ( ) TFLnow ( ) TFLclassics ( ) TFLtalk ( ) 0:00 Intro 1:19 Ram Cummins vs

Jeep Avenger review: Close to brilliant – until a charging glitch left me stranded in a car park

Our car: Jeep Avenger Summit List price when new: £38,899 (range from £34,999) Price as tested: Sun +Volcano contrast colour (£1,100), Infotainment pack (£500), Black leather upholstery (£900) Official range: 249 miles (WLTP) Test range (best/worst): 230 - 190 miles Test efficiency: 3.7m/kWh The electric Jeep Avenger arrived at the end of 2022 to a...

Jaguar ‘eliminates’ almost all its petrol cars as it moves into electric era

Jaguar will have just one combustion engine car in production by the end of this year as the British luxury brand axes almost its entire line-up ahead of a switch to electric-only models. The marque stopped making its XE, XF and F-Type cars at Castle Bromwich in May and will seek to stop producing the hybrid E-Pace in Austria – along with the elect...

These are 10 must-see prototype racers at the Le Mans museum

Our favourite spots from one of Circuit de la Sarthe’s best excursions

Can The Tesla Cybertruck Really Off-Road?

Can it jump? Rock crawl? Survive the whoops? Conquer the sand dunes? In short, can the Tesla Cybertruck REALLY off-road? Viral videos of it struggling on mild inclines tell us ‘no’. But armed with a Cybertruck featuring Tesla’s latest off-road software update that finally allows you to lock the diffs, we took it – together with a Rivian R1T as a benchmark – to the middle of the Californian desert to find out. Over to Top Gear Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Jack Rix, and Head of Car Testing, Ollie Marriage, to give us all an answer… Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: WATCH MORE TOP GEAR: First Looks: First Drives: American Tuned ft. Rob Dahm: LISTEN to the Top Gear Magazine Podcast: Sign up for our newsletter: Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:55 Cybertruck - Rock Crawl 03:58 R1T - Rock Crawl 05:22 Cybertruck - The Whoops 07:56 R1T - The Whoops 09:50 Cybertruck - The Jump 10:53 R1T - The Jump 12:07 Cybertruck - Sand Dunes 13:50 R1T - Sand Dunes 14:55 The Verdict MORE ABOUT TOP GEAR: Welcome to the official home of Top Gear on YouTube. Here you'll find all the best clips from your favourite episodes, whether that’s Ken Block drifting London in the Hoonicorn, Chris Harris in the latest Porsche 911 GT3 or classic Top Gear clips from Clarkson, Hammond and May. You'll also find the latest performance car reviews from the crew, our brand new series American Tuned with Rob Dahm and the fastest power laps from our in house performance benchmark: The Stig. This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback

Which is better: a cheap new car, or a better-quality used one?

Dear Alex, We are in our seventies, drive about 5,000 miles a year and hope to do so for a few more years. We have sufficient funds to buy a new small Dacia. But would it be more advisable to buy a better quality used car instead? – IG Dear IG, If we’re talking purely objectively, with nothing but the financial aspects in mind, then it makes far mo...

Audi's 2026 Formula One entry: smart or foolhardy?

F1 is brutal, difficult, complex and expensive - why on earth is Audi joining it, then? We speak to the boss to find out

I Bought a Ten Year Old $3500 EV and I Increased its Range To Over 400 Miles!

Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code richrebuilds Try shipstation FREE for 60 days when you use offer code RICHREBUILDS. Check them out for a better way to make ship happen: buy my book ! - we increased this EV's range to 400 miles in the worst way possible, don't try this at home Check Out our Merch - Please support us on Patreon Paypal Link: E-mail: [email protected] Instagram: Mailbox: P.O. Box 1041 Salem, MA 01970

The new V8 RS Q8 Performance gets Audi Sport’s most powerful ever engine

Audi unveils RS and RS Performance versions of its big SUV. Great

Tesla is testing out a 'parent mode' for its cars

It includes a speed limiter.

Bangers that work: 19 bargain cars that won't let you down

Of the compromises you’re willing to accept buying used, reliability shouldn’t be one of them. James Ruppert has pored through the classifieds to find bargain bangers that won’t fail you

The New Porsche 911 is a HYBRID? Driving the 992.2 GTS | Henry Catchpole - The Driver's Seat

The new Porsche 911 (992.2) GTS has gone hybrid. But while that word may strike instant dismay into the hearts of many enthusiasts, this is a slightly different sort of electrically-boosted drivetrain; This is a T-Hybrid. That means the system adds less than 110lb (50kg) to the kerb weight of a GTS while providing significantly greater response, thanks to an eTurbo and an eMotor. As Henry Catchpole found out on both road and the Ascari circuit, this also means a 0-60mph time of just 2.9sec and a rather good soundtrack. Of course any extra weight can be seen as a cause for frowning and the added complication certainly won’t please home mechanics. What’s more, the switch to hybrid is rather confusing when you look at the CO2 emissions and fuel economy figures, because they are very similar to those of the non-hybrid, previous generation GTS. That’s largely down to the fact that this is a hybrid that cannot run on electric power alone. What gives? Why isn’t this a 911 that can ape a Porsche Taycan? Well, this engine is all about making sure that Lambda = 1 at all times, without any drop in performance. If you’re not entirely sure of your Greek alphabet, then you’re certainly not alone but you’ll find an explanation in the film. In this review of the new 992 GTS you’ll also find some rather clever graphics courtesy of Apple Vision Pro technology, which lets us show you the full layout of the hybrid powertrain. The completely new 3.6-litre flat-six can produce 478bhp and 420lb ft of torque on its own but in total the new T-Hybrid system has outputs of 534bhp and 450lb ft of torque, which is some 31bhp and 103lb ft more than a current 911 GT3. The price for the new Porsche 911 GTS T-Hybrid is £132,600 or $164,900 but if that’s a touch too steep then Porsche has also released a new version of the standard Carrera which starts at £99,800 or $120,100. Henry Catchpole drove the (still non-hybrid) Carrera on the launch in the south of Spain as well, which proved quite the contrast. We hope you enjoy this video. If you do and you’d like to support the Hagerty YouTube channel, then a like or share is always appreciated. And if you’re keen to find out more about the Hagerty Drivers Club, then just click on this link: #TheDriversSeat #HenryCatchpole #Porsche911 #neverstopdriving Subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications! Visit our website for an insurance quote, to join Hagerty Drivers Club, and for daily automotive news, cars stories, reviews, and opinion: Stay up to date by signing up for our email newsletters here: Follow us on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | If you love cars, you belong with us. Hagerty Drivers Club is the world’s largest community for automotive enthusiasts. Members enjoy valuable automotive discounts, exclusive events and experiences, roadside service created specifically for collector vehicles, and a subscription to the bimonthly Hagerty Drivers Club magazine. Join Hagerty Drivers Club here: Like what you see? Watch our other series including: Redline Rebuilds | Time-lapse engine rebuilds from start to finish Barn Find Hunter | Tom Cotter searches the country for abandoned cars Jason Cammisa on the Icons | The definitive car review Revelations | Untold Stories About Automotive Legends with Jason Cammisa The Driver's Seat with Henry Catchpole Contact us: Suggestions and feedback - [email protected] Press inquiries - [email protected] Partnership requests - [email protected]

2024 Porsche Panamera Turbo - Sound, interior and Exterior

Here is the all new Porsche Panamera Turbo with Sport package! Welcome to Alaatin61! Follow/Share/Like For More​ Subscribe​ Instagram:​ Facebook:​ Paypal Account: [email protected] Car: 2024 Porsche Panamera Turbo Price: €200.061,- Porsche Panamera Turbo 4.0 litre 8 cylinder engine and electric battery 682 Hp 930 Nm 8 Automatic 320 km/h limited 2334 kg

Fox Factory’s new Chevy supertruck has app-adjusted suspension

A partnership between Fox Factory and Valtech means the suspension of the 700hp Chevrolet Silverado can be adjusted via a smartphone app.

40 cool cars created by fashion designers

We look at some of the hits and misses of what happens when the worlds of fashion and cars collide…

‘Women feel even more left behind’: How electric cars drove a gender divide

The car industry’s “woman problem” has long been a subject of criticism, from macho advertising to the lack of female-shaped crash-test dummies. It was hoped that the dawn of electric vehicles (EVs) might offer a useful moment to turn the page – but on current trends, electric car cheerleaders risk being disappointed. Worrying research by online de...

The best new cars coming in 2024 and beyond

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to all the new metal arriving in 2024

The inspiration behind NASCAR’s Mobility Pit Box

Find out where the inspiration for the NASCAR Mobility Pit Box came from and how the pit box will change the way fans view the race.

Welcome back: Cup Series cars return to the Indianapolis oval

Watch as the NASCAR Cup Series drivers hit the track at the Brickyard on the oval configuration for the first time in four years.

The New Skoda Superb 2024 POV Test Drive

Here it is, the all new Skoda Superb with the First Edition Package! Welcome to Alaatin61! Follow/Share/Like For More Subscribe Instagram: Facebook: Paypal Account: [email protected] In this video you can see a visual review of the metallic Skoda Superb. Furthermore you can hear the sound and you can see the interior, infotainment multimedia system and exterior of this Skoda. This car is fitted with 19 inch multi spoke styling rims. Car: 2024 Skoda Superb Price: €42.061,- Skoda Superb 1.5 litre 4 cylinder engine inline 150 Hp 250 Nm 7 Speed Automatic 222 km/h limited 1635 kg

Bug life: everyday motoring in a 52-year-old car

After 12 years, 17,000 miles and 17 RAC call-outs our news editor has sold his VW Beetle

Are We Buying a Cybertruck?

Spent two weeks off and on with the Cybertruck, drove it 800 miles, so the question is now, WILL I be buying a Cybertruck? I'll tell you. Check out Korey's Shop Watch me attempt to camp inside Cybertruck Here: Watch @JerryRigEverything Cybertruck Video here: We rented the Cybertruck from @OurCyberLife Follow us on Instagram: What's Inside: Lincoln: Claire: London: Leslie: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

Hybrid vehicles have proven to be the right choice for decarbonisation

Instead of considering EVs and hybrids as competing solutions, we should recognise that they are complementary solutions for different problems, Patrice Haettel writes. View on euronews

The Citroen 2CV story

It’s now more than 30 years since the final Citroen 2CV rolled along the production line. We take a nostalgic look at the history of the Deux Chevaux

Tesla halted some production lines due to global IT outage, Business Insider reports

By Hyunjoo Jin and Akash Sriram (Reuters) -Tesla halted some production lines in Texas and Nevada due to the global IT outage, Business Insider reported on Friday, citing sources familiar with the matter. Tesla told its staff Friday morning that it is "currently experiencing an outage with Windows hosts, servers, laptops and manufacturing devices where users are seeing a blue screen on their

This Ultra-High Mile Tesla Proves That EV Batteries Last Longer Than You Think

During our Everything Electric Expo in Sydney earlier this year, Robert took some time to chat with a Model S owner who has used and abused their car far beyond what many believe an EV is capable of enduring. His 700,000km Tesla is a great example of the remarkable longevity modern EV batteries offer. Why not come and join us at our next Everything Electric expo: Are you an Energy or Transport professional? Everything Electric London - Energy & Transport professionals FREE 1st day tickets: Support our StopBurningStuff campaign: Become a Fully Charged SHOW Patreon: Become a YouTube member: use JOIN button above Buy the Fully Charged Guide to Electric Vehicles & Clean Energy : Subscribe for episode alerts and the Fully Charged newsletter: Visit: https://FullyCharged.Show Find us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: To exhibit or sponsor, email: [email protected] Everything Electric LONDON, ExCel London - 28th, 29th & 30th March Everything Electric NORTH, Yorkshire Event Centre - 24th, 25th & 26th May Everything Electric CANADA - Vancouver Convention Centre - 6th, 7th & 8th September Everything Electric SOUTH - Farnborough International - 11th, 12th & 13th October Everything Electric EUROPE - RAI Amsterdam - Date Announcement Imminent #Models #Tesla #evbattery #electriccar #ev #electricvehicles #battery

32 cars with crazy doors

From drop-down doors to aircraft-style canopies, there are many ways to climb into a car. We reveal some of the wildest door designs ever created

20 cars that aren't as good as you think

Overrated is a strong word - we wouldn't want you to think any of these aren't much good, but they do have overlooked flaws