The London will in August, with an estimated five million more people to be included in zone. With thousands of extra drivers now at risk of paying the , experts have compiled a list of five of the best ULEZ-compliant vehicles on the second-hand market.

Mark Oakley, Director of AA Cars highlights how to avoid the ULEZ charges, petrol cars need to meet Euro 4 emissions regulations, which became mandatory for all new cars in 2005.

He added: "Driving a polluting car in the ULEZ five times a week would cost drivers £3,250 a year - so it can be cheaper to buy a new car than paying the daily charge.

"Now is also a good time to start searching for a used car, as price growth is slowing. AA Cars data shows that the Ford Fiesta, for example, saw prices fall by two percent at the end of last year compared to 2021.

"EVs are also a good option and will meet clean air standards in any UK city. They can be more expensive, but there are affordable models around, like the Renault Zoe."

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Fiat 500 (Petrol)

The Fiat 500 is a fantastic model for city driving thanks to its dinky dimensions and easy driving experience, and has become an icon in urban areas ever since the Italian firm revived it in 2007.

Though most Fiat 500s use petrol engines, which makes it ULEZ exempt, a small number were sold with a diesel unit which are not compliant and should be avoided.

Motorists can purchase a second-hand Fiat 500 from around £2,000, as AA Cars describe the popular car as having "fun and youthful styling".

BMW 3 Series Touring (Petrol)

While the 3 Series vehicles are slightly more expensive, starting at around £9,000 for a used model, it's one of the most highly rated estate cars on the market.

It boasts a large boot and plenty of rear seat space, making it ideal for families, while a good-sized dog can fit comfortably in the boot too.

AA Cars suggested that drivers go for the sixth-generation BMW 3 Series Touring, which was on sale between 2012 and 2019 for the best experience.

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Ford Fiesta (Petrol)

The Ford Fiesta has universal appeal, whether it's for a new driver or someone wanting an affordable runabout, with the sixth-generation petrol model (2009-2017) a particular favourite.

This generation of Fiesta offers modern styling, while it's also good to drive and relatively efficient on fuel as well, with prices starting from around £2,300.

Drivers should however stay clear of diesel models as there's no guarantee that these will be compliant.

Citroen C1 (Petrol)

The Citroen C1 proves that drivers don't need to spend a huge sum of money to buy a ULEZ-compliant car, with all versions meeting the Euro 4 emissions regulations.

The C1 isn't especially roomy, but its small dimensions make it ideal for driving and parking in a city and can be purchased for as little as £1,000.

They're generally quite reliable too, while its small petrol engines ensure that the C1 is both cheap to fuel and insure.

Renault Zoe (Electric)

An easy way to avoid the ULEZ charges is to buy an , with all EVs also being exempt from the capital's Congestion Charge.

Introduced in 2013, it's proven to be one of the most popular EVs to date, owing to its affordability, ease of use and low running costs, with used models starting from around £6,000.

These early cars do have quite a limited real-world range of 80 miles, with drivers being warned that many cars up for sale are subject to a battery lease, which costs around £50 per month. Paid to Renault, it covers the battery if an expensive replacement is needed.

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