Fans of Jeremy Clarkson continue to queue for products at the star's Diddly Squat farm shop - even though prices are significantly higher than they are for similar items in supermarkets.

The Amazon presenter, who is locked in a planning row with council chiefs in Oxfordshire, sells a range of gifts, clothes and locally-produced food and drink at his popular store.

The most expensive item is a 'bundle', consisting of a chopping board, a tea towel an apron and a bamboo 'wooden' spoon, which together sets back punters some £62.

While few similar all-in-one collections appear to be on the market, shoppers can easily pick up all four items for less than a tenner elsewhere, with Tesco selling a chopping board for £4, a tea towel for £2.50 and a wooden spoon for 60p, while aprons are available for just £2 from Ikea.

Among Diddly Squat's cheapest offerings is the chilli chutney, priced at £4.80. A similar jar in Tesco is available for just £1.45.

One of the shop's most popular products, according to its website, is a 200g bag of ground coffee, described as a 100% Arabica blend from Colombia, Kenya and Indonesia 'with hints of chocolate, spices and honey'.

It retails at a hefty £6.95 while a similar, slightly larger bag can be bought from Aldi for just £1.69.

Other products include a 50cl bottle of Vodka selling at £39 - available elsewhere for a mere £9.38 - and a £16 travel cup, similar to one sold in Tesco for £2.50.

Meanwhile, two pairs of tractor socks are going for £18.50, compared to Primark's offer of five pairs for as little as £2, while Clarkson charges a whopping £18.50 for his package of a mug and chocolate eggs.

A similar offering from Cadbury is sold in Tesco for less than a sixth of the price at just £3.

It comes as camera crews were spotted back at the property this week, while visitors to the farm yesterday were seen chewing up grass verges with their 4x4 cars.

This is despite an appeal battle between Clarkson and West Oxfordshire District Council, which refused to grant permission for him to extend the shop's car park in May last year. 

The planning inspector has been holding a hearing into Clarkson's appeal on the matter - and extra security measures were put in place due to the threats made towards his workers.

Clarkson is also challenging its decision to shut down his restaurant on the same plot of land because he allegedly opened it without planning permission in July last year. 

The filming comes after it was revealed teenage workers at Diddly Squat have to wear bodycams to record abuse directed at them from angry locals over the influx of visitors.

But villagers who support Diddly Squat farm have described it as the 'crown jewel' of sustainable living as they pleaded with their local council to allow expansion plans.

It also emerged yesterday that the broadcaster has invested in a new beer trailer to serve his flagship Hawkstone lager.

Farmhand Kaleb Cooper shared a photo of the new 'mobile bar' on Instagram - with a photo showing a grey trailer with pink paint over the roof. 

While it's not clear what permissions Clarkson will need to set up the bar on his land, generally planning permission does not need to be sought for temporary structures that are used for less than 28 days a year. 

He already sells alcohol in his shop so may not need an additional alcohol licence.

Clarkson's struggles have prompted some local councillors to call on officials to go easy on the star, with Liam Walker - a Conservative member of Oxfordshire County Council - suggesting he was being treated differently from other developers. 

'Jeremy is Marmite and he knows that,' he told MailOnline. 

'Of course the council will say all planning applications are taken at face value but I do wonder if some of my council colleagues came to it with a predetermined view.'   

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