The London ULEZ is extending to Outer London this August and drivers are making moves to avoid the £12.50 charge. Lots of drivers are replacing their older, polluting cars with newer 'greener' options.

The expansion is expected to create a reduction of up to 135,000 tonnes of CO2 emission every year. Drivers in London may decide that it is a smart idea to trade in their old vehicle to ensure they are exempt from the charge and be free of worry about getting a fine if you forget to pay.

One of the easiest ways to avoid the charge is to switch to an electric vehicle. That's according to car finance company, Carmoola, which has done the maths and found some of the cheapest options out there - and number one is a strange robot looking car, which technically isn't a car at all.

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The Citroen Ami is available in the UK for around £8,000 and although it looks like a car, albeit a strange one, it's technically a quadricycle which means the driver does not have to be 18 to drive it. A 16-year-old who has a full AM moped license can drive one of these.

The car only has a single motor, delivering 8bhp and reaches its stop speed in 10 seconds. But the Ami is really only built for city life as the top speed is 28mph, making it inappropriate for roads outside of the city.

But it really is perfect for life in London with its ultra compact design, Citroen advertises on its website that this little electric vehicle takes up half a parking space. Another appealing feature is that it is fully electric, meaning the Ami emits zero emissions when driving.

Being both ULEZ exempt and compact enough to fit into the tightest spots, some would argue this might just be the perfect car for London.

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