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More than half of new cars sold in the UK will have to be electric within five years, government confirms as campaigners warn petrol and diesel models will 'disappear from showrooms' by 2030

Motorists are expected to be guided towards making their next purchase electric under the zero-emission vehicle mandate scheme, which is set to remain unchanged despite Rishi Sunak's net-zero U-turn.

What level of self-driving autonomy do cars now have?

More and more cars can help you stay in lane and warn about something in your blind spot, but a growing number of cars also have an assistant that can drive all by itself - at least in certain conditions. What the electronic helpers are able to do all depends on their so-called autonomy level. With so-called Level 1 and Level 2 systems, the respons...

Drivers issued urgent warning for 'car cannibalism' trend with crime rates soaring

Experts are urging motorists to watch out for a rising trend in car crime which has been dubbed “car cannibalisation”. This occurs when thieves get their hands on vehicles and strip them for parts wherever they are parked. In doing so, the criminals do not steal the vehicle or move it to another location, making it easier for them and potentially e...

Polestar 2 review: more range than a Tesla Model 3 – for less cash

Do you know what was unique about the Renault 21? Not much, you might think. After all, this otherwise innocuous, mid-range family saloon of the 1980s is almost forgotten these days. But, beneath its ruler-edged styling, the 21 hid a quirk worthy of a pub quiz question: it is the only car that has ever been made available, in production form, with ...

Crazy achievement: Electric car accelerates to 100 km/h in record-breaking time

In a remarkable display of engineering prowess, students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts have set a new world record with their electric racing car named "mythen." This innovative vehicle accelerated from a standstill to 100 km/h in a mere 0.956 seconds, leaving ...

Great people’s cars: the motors that got the world moving

Join us for a look at all the classless cars that helped put nations on wheels

The hero cars of the 1980s - but do you agree?

The 80s was a time of great music, quirky fashion and some downright brilliant cars - prepare for nostalgia

The sports cars we totally forgot existed

Many sports cars are venerated, but these, not so much. Time to salute the fast cars time forgot

The Yangwang U8 is a 1,184bhp plug-in hybrid SUV that can float on water

BYD’s posh sub-brand unveils the U8 Premium Edition in China. Will do 0-62mph in 3.6 seconds (on land)

52 supercars you’ve probably never heard of

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Pagani… all far too common to feature here. We explore some of the world’s strangest and most obscure supercars.

Every engine configuration in a production car ever

Rishi Sunak sticks to net-zero car policy set to affect all UK manufacturers in months

Rishi Sunak will press ahead with one of his net-zero motoring pledges with UK manufacturers risking thousands of pounds in fines.

Makers will still be forced to sell more electric cars each year in UK

Ministers today said it will come into force in January, claiming the electric car sales targets for motor firms will be confirmed 'very soon'.

The best used luxury and 4x4 cars you can buy

We take a look at the cars that will handle any journey off road or on with style

What's the ideal car for you based on your personality? Find out with simple quiz

Drivers can find out which car best suits their personality by answering a range of easy questions.

Cult microcar Isetta makes all-electric comeback as city runabout

One of the world's most iconic microcars is making its comeback as an electric reboot for crowded urban environments. A Swiss company has taken the 1950s cult Isetta and turned it into an battery-powered runabout called the Microlino, seating two people in just 2.50 metres of length and 1.50 metres in width. Like the original, the Microlino has a f...

New £230k Ford Mustang GTD is firm’s most powerful road car

Fearsome GT3-based Mustang supercar will go after Lamborghini and Porsche at the Nürburgring

Big-selling cars now vanishing from our roads

We look at the fate of some of the most popular cars of the 70s and 80s

The cheapest electric cars with 250 miles of range

Coolest cars of the Hot Wheels tour

We join this year’s Hot Wheels Legends Tour – and check out the 10 cars chosen for the UK final.

Crazy facts about luxury cars

A luxury car is a vehicle that offers all the comfort, speed, and features that money can buy. You may need a fat wallet to afford one of these bad boys, but dreaming has never hurt anyone, right? Get to know some amazing facts about some of the world's greatest luxury car brands!

Audi TT RS Sport Edition long-term test

Last hurrahs rarely sound as emotionally charged as this car’s. We couldn’t resist...

Opinion: how will carmakers respond to Euro 7 emissions regulations?

Carmakers have always cried wolf when it comes to new regs, says Paul. But this time it’s different...

Tesla Model 3: Five reasons we love it… and five why we loathe it

22 great used cars for £1,500

Can you buy a decent, roadworthy used car for less than £1,500? Of course you can. Here are our favourites.

Safety vs comfort: Which car assistance systems make the most sense?

Munich (dpa) — Cars are becoming increasingly safe thanks to assistance systems like the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the ESP anti-skid system becoming standard and even mandatory equipment. Safety aids like these help prevent accidents and more are on the way. In the European Union a raft of new systems will become mandatory in 2024, includi...

2028 Alfa Romeo 4E primed as electric 4C successor

Successor to 4C to adopt zero-emission powertrain with huge power and more than 500 miles of range

Mechanic shares clever tip to boost fuel economy rates - but drivers could be fined

Scotty Kilmer has stressed removing one tool could dramatically boost fuel economy but drivers could face severe consequences.

Top 10 used executive cars (and one to avoid)

For those in need of an executive car, here are your top 10 best options from the used market, as well as a model to steer away from

Treasures of the secret Ford lock up collection

A close look into the enticing machines that the Blue Oval keeps hidden away for special occasions

Celebrities who hate to drive (or simply can't)

Ferrari Roma Spider review: a soft-top Ferrari for hardcore fans

It’s back to the Sixties for Ferrari with its new soft-top Roma Spider. Think La Dolce Vita, they told us. It’s a highly one-sided view. You are directed to Federico Fellini’s eponymous Palme d’Or and Oscar-winning 1960 movie, immaculately shot in Rome and the eternal city’s Cinecittà studios: the frocks; the suits; the style of the film’s stars Ma...

The most important concept cars ever created

Some go nowhere, but other concept cars really point to the future. We take stock of the most interesting and influential ones ever made

9 electric cars and pick-ups you’ve probably forgotten even existed

The best estate cars in 2023

Above all, an estate car needs to be practical, but the best models are also comfortable, well equipped and affordable to run. Here we reveal our top 10 buys – and the estates to steer clear of

Drag Race: KTM MotoGP Bike Vs. Red Bull F1 Car Vs. Porsche 911 Turbo S

You may think you know what happens, but it's closer than you probably expect.

The weird, weird world of forgotten car accessories

Need some inflatable seats for your car or a felt safety cap to protect your bonce? There was a time when you could buy such things…

20 shocking car designs

Old-school thrilling cars – from just £1000

As the world goes digital, we salute a large bunch of analogue classics that we'll miss in the brave new world

‘I'm a car expert - drivers can warm their vehicles in under a minute with one button'

A motoring expert has shared one of the quickest ways to heat up the interior of a car, stating that the trick can increase the temperature in under a minute.

The all-new Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line e-Hybrid Design Preview

The new technological developments realised with the MQB evo improve the Tiguan in practically every area. New hybrid drives with an all-electric range of around 100 km make this SUV more efficient than ever before. In addition, AC charging will be faster in all eHybrid versions, and fast DC charging will also be possible as standard for the first time. A cleanly designed Digital Cockpit based on the MIB4, the fourth-generation modular infotainment matrix, offers the highest level of information and brings digital services and apps on board. The operating concept is designed to be consistently self-explanatory. In addition, new systems such as a pneumatic massage function for the front seats or the IQ.LIGHT HD matrix headlights – used for the first time in the Tiguan – are derived from the premium Touareg model. The new adaptive chassis control DCC Pro optimises comfort and dynamics. The latest Park Assist generation automates driving in and out of parking spaces.

Britain’s greatest barn-find haul?

Why you may never need to buy an electric car

The ban on new petrol and diesel cars is officially set to come into force in 2035, after Rishi Sunak knocked back the net zero deadline by five years. But switching to an electric vehicle is still a change that many drivers will still never need to make. Motoring experts say that there will continue to be used petrol and diesel cars available for ...

BMW expands 5 Series line-up with new plug-in hybrids

BMW has announced the introduction of new plug-in hybrid versions of its popular 5 Series. The new 5 Series was revealed earlier this year, with BMW only offering it as the electric i5 and standard 520i petrol at launch. However, given the popularity of plug-in hybrids in the previous generation, they are now being introduced to this new model. The...

Automobiles & Auto Parts: Market Leaders.

Check out this list of the top Automobiles & Auto Parts stocks by market cap. From well-known automakers to auto parts suppliers, these companies have been leading the industry and could be worth adding to your watchlist.

BMW to offer highly automated driving from the end of the year

BMW is set to follow Mercedes-Benz in offering self-driving systems to luxury cars at home in Germany, allowing drivers to take their eyes off the road and watch a video under certain conditions. "We have approval from the German Motor Transport Authority to offer level 3 automated driving in Germany," BMW division manager Nicolai Martin told Germa...

Petrol and diesel cars to remain on UK roads 'until 2128' despite imminent sales ban

The ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles is less than seven years away, but new data has found that they could be on roads for another 100 years. From 2030, sales of new internal combustion engine vehicles will be banned, followed by a ban affecting hybrid vehicles in 2035. However, new data has suggested that the last ever petrol or d...

21 BMWs that were never made

America’s grandest car company? The Rise and Fall of Packard

We take a look at the story behind some of America's greatest luxury cars - and why the company failed

Dramatic moment £200k Porsche bursts into flames as firefighters fight for control

Audi and Porsche are recalling 6,676 electric vehicles due to a potential fire risk and are planning to get dealers to inspect each car and then replace the entire battery if needed