This is the moment a banned driver smashed a car into a wall at high speed, careering both himself and the engine block onto the road.

Dale Johnson, 28, believes he may have fallen asleep before crashing the blue motor into the structure in Denton, Newcastle.

Johnson suffered numerous injuries while his passenger escaped serious harm, a court heard on Friday.

Dramatic CCTV footage shows the incident unfold on July 11 last year, reports Chronicle Live.


Kevin Wardlaw, prosecuting, said: "Such was the force of the impact the engine block came out of the vehicle, a tyre came across the road and the vehicle and the wall were extensively damaged.

"The defendant was thrown from the vehicle and was taken to hospital.

"There was a passenger who was able to get out and walk and was able to look after the defendant until the emergency services arrived."

Johnson pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, failing to provide a specimen and having no insurance.

He was also in breach of a suspended prison sentence.

The man, Arthurs Hill, Newcastle, was jailed for a total of 63 weeks and will be banned from driving for three years after he is released.

When he saw the footage, Recorder David Brooke KC said: "Oh wow, that's some speed isn't it."

Turning to Johnson, the judge said: "I've seen the CCTV and you heard my involuntary 'wow' because I was truly shocked at how fast you were going.

"It was somewhat miraculous that nobody died. It was very fast indeed."

The court heard Johnson has 23 previous convictions, including dangerous driving in 2008, having no insurance or licence in 2018, driving while disqualified and having no insurance in 2019 and last April he was given a suspended prison sentence for failing to give a specimen - telling police he was "off his face" after a three day cocaine and alcohol "bender".

Ellen Wright, defending, said: "He is under no illusions whatsoever about the seriousness of the situation in which he finds himself."

Miss Wright said Johnson had been working as a cleaner at Haggerston Castle and on the night of the crash had done a nightshift.

She said he had been driven to work by his colleague but claimed that after they had done an 11-hour shift, he became aware that the other man had been drinking.

Miss Wright said: "Mr Johnson was desperate to get home and was tired and wanted to go to bed and he made the utterly stupid, incomprehensible decision to drive the vehicle back.

"In terms of what happened next, his memory is very poor due to the injuries he sustained.

"He believes he must have fallen asleep, putting pressure on the accelerator.

"There's no attempt to brake or swerve, the car simply ploughs into the wall.

"He was ejected from the car and the engine came out and a tyre came off.

"The passenger suffered a laceration to the head and bruising.

"Mr Johnson suffered a bad head injury, a broken right clavicle, a fractured wrist, a wound to his left arm and a wound to his chest suggesting he had been partly impaled on something.

"He has still not fully recovered - the broken shoulder has caused him significant problems and he is no longer working as a cleaner and has got anxiety and depression.

"He was not thinking rationally. His lesson has well and truly been learned.

"It's a miracle he didn't die and that his passenger didn't die.

"He fully understands the seriousness and wants the court to know he is sorry for his stupid decision. He has been sober for 15 months."

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