By [email protected] (Chris Morris)

Concerns have been raised about the return of potholes along a village road.

A motorist contacted Suffolk News this week, after driving along Windmill Hill in Long Melford, to complain about the state of the road.

Repairs have been carried out earlier this year at what's been dubbed locally as a ‘pothole hotspot’, following more than 20 reports from the public by February.

The motorist said this week: “I’ve just driven along Windmill Hill and, although they filled in the worst ones a few weeks ago, after many months of doing nothing, they left all the little ones, which in the last couple of weeks have got much worse are now well on their way to being big ones.”

County councillor Richard Kemp, who campaigned to get the original holes fixed, said he had also had further complaints.

“I am on the case,” he said.

“It was like a tank track and I have contacted Suffolk County Council already over these further complaints.

“I had heard the council wanted going to introduce some kind of special machine, which could fix holes in ten minutes, but I have not heard any more about that.”

Cllr Kemp said he had also had complaints about potholes along Clare Road.

One resident meanwhile said driving along Windmill Hill was like “taking their life in their hands”.

Concerns have also been voiced about the standard of repairs that have been carried out.

Motorists have claimed they have to “weave in and out” of the repairs, with one claiming that “some are already look dodgy round the edges”.

Suffolk County Council has been approached for comment.

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