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New car sales return to pre-pandemic levels but EV demand on the slide

Official data shows that it is largely fleets that are driving the increased demand for new motors - and electric vehicle sales went into reverse last month as consumer appetite slumped again.

Top cars from the 90s to buy now

Once upon a time, new cars were simple, fixable, easy to live with and fun - with just enough kit to be safe and comfy. That was the 1990s, but today they make smart buys

Ranked: the longest cars made by every major car-maker

A look at some of the largest cars ever made across the ages

Car makers face 1.2m payouts over emissions cheating claims, judges told

Car manufacturers are facing more than 1.2m compensation claims following allegations that “defeat devices” were fitted to diesel vehicles to get around emissions tests, judges have been told. Four judges overseeing a preliminary High Court hearing in London today heard that Mercedes-Benz was facing around 350,000 claims - and that manufacturers in...

Showdown: New Ferrari Purosangue vs Aston Martin DBX 707

With 1412bhp and 20 cylinders between them, these are not your average crossovers. But which is best?

Car Has Traveled 8 Million Kilometers Since 1988 and Still Runs 700 km Each Day

Car Has Traveled 8 Million Kilometers Since 1988 and Still Runs 700 km Each Day.

The electric cars that will be future classics

The best cars for boot space named from Skodas to Mercedes

While SUVs and estates have massive boots, they aren't the only types of car on sale that feature spacious interiors.

What’s the most 'Lamborghini' car in the back catalogue?

One of the original 'super' cars that adorned bedroom walls across the globe, welcome to absolute peak Lambo

Can the Tesla Cybertruck inspire?

Reviews for Tesla's outlandish new Cybertruck started to come in over the weekend as experts got their hands on the vehicle for the first time. It's fair to say it's different... very different. From looks to handling, this car appears to be quite unlike anything else that's currently on the road. The pick-up starts from £66,000 for a dual-motor ca...

Toyota introducing six electric vehicles in Europe by 2026

That will include a production version of two concept cars - a compact urban SUV next year and a sport crossover in 2025.

21 unexpectedly successful cars

Here's your first look at the 223mph Rodin FZero prototype hypercar

It’s powered by a crazed 4.0-litre V10 which the brand also intends to sell as a crate engine for motorsport use

Auction Car of the Week: Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4×4

A fast Ford in concours condition, this stunning Sierra RS Cosworth 4x4 is now up for auction on Car & Classic. Read this before you bid. The post Auction Car of the Week: Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4×4 appeared first on Retro Motor.

The most expensive cars on sale today

They may break the bank, but what you pay in cash you get back in... car

The greatest car collection you’ve never heard of

Take a virtual tour of the enormous car collection owned by Sheikh Faisal of Qatar

The rare luxury cars fast vanishing from our roads

We track down the unicorn pricey cars that are disappearing from our roads

Autocar's A-Z of excellent used cars

With our complete guide, you'll never be short of inspiration for your next second-hand buy

Toyota confirms sleek Sport Crossover for Europe in 2025

Low-slung fastback takes Toyota into a new class to rival the Hyundai Ioniq 6

Used car prices take a U-turn: Biggest fallers in the last 6 months

Average used vehicle prices declined in November alone by 4.2% for a second month in a row, according to Cap Hpi. We exclusively reveal which models have lost most value since May.

21 forgotten Peugeot classics

Riddle of new top-of-the-range car linked to Operation Branchform and the SNP

Police Scotland are investigating the purchase of a top-of-the-range Jaguar as part of their investigation into the SNP’s finances, it has been reported. The electric I-Pace SUV is alleged to have been bought in 2019 by Peter Murrell, the party’s former chief executive and former first minister who is also party chief Nicola Sturgeon’s husband, fro...

Driving expert uses artificial intelligence to predict how cars will appear in the future

A car expert has used artificial intelligence to predict the future of vehicles, with some of the technology that may feature already being developed.

Who’ll Win In A Hill Climb Race – A Hilux Rally Car Or Sherco Enduro Bike?

It’s two wheels versus four in this epic hill climb race in South Africa’s Sani Pass.

Want to sell your car? Checking its value and selling in Peterborough is fast, easy and free with Motorway

Do you know what cars are popular in Peterborough? Find out how to track the value of your vehicle.

The Smart #3 will start from £32,950 and top out at £45,450 for the Brabus version

Arriving early 2024, there'll be five trim grades and various performance and range outputs

Volvo axes the estate: look back at the boxy icon

Volvo is best known for its boxy and brilliant estate cars. We tell their story, all the way back to 1953.

12 of 2003’s high-performance star cars

The new Renault 5 EV could be one of the coolest and cheapest EVs of 2024

Renault lifts the lid on the price and some spec for its upcoming Renault 5 E-Tech model.

Renault to slash production costs for cars, expand in Turkey

PARIS (Reuters) -Renault said on Thursday it aims to cut the production costs of its cars by as much as 50% in the next four years including by increasing the use of digital and artificial intelligence technology. Renault said that, between now and 2027, it would aim to cut its production costs per vehicle by 30% for internal combustion vehicles, and by 50% for electric vehicles. The carmaker

Survivors: The world’s longest-living cars

While many models come and go, there are some that refuse to fall...

World’s Loudest Hummer Boasts 86 Speakers | Ridiculous Rides

86 SPEAKERS, 11 amplifiers, and more than a mile of LED light wiring have been crammed into an H2 Hummer to create a deafening party-mobile. Rafael Capone has modified cars all his life, but his ‘Soul Asylum H2’ Hummer, built to promote his recording studio of the same name, has taken things to a new level. The speaker-packed behemoth has been dominating car show competitions around Rafael’s native Atlanta, wowing crowds with its all-custom interior and LED light set-up. Rafael told Barcroft Media: “No piece of this car was left factory. The reaction when we pull up is always a, ‘Wow, I love your car’.

Major car brand 'not giving up' on hydrogen to rival electric with huge announcement - 'We will not stop!'

Major car manufacturer Toyota has confirmed that it remains committed to hydrogen vehicles, as well as confirming that it would boost production of electric cars. The Japanese carmaker has been one of the biggest supporters of hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) technology in recent years, producing two versions of the Mirai saloon car. Toyota has struggled ...

33 magnificently random things made by car makers

Hotels, missiles and an entire on to find out more

Electrikhana 2 is Ken Block’s final bittersweet drift video

Filmed in Mexico City just weeks before his sudden and tragic death, Electrickhana 2 is a fitting tribute to stunt legend Ken Block.

Which electric cars currently have the longest range and how much do they cost?

28 rarest Renaults in the UK

The Modified McLaren 720s That Hits 270mph | Ridiculous Rides

A CAR dealership has taken speed to the next level - by modifying high-performance sports cars like this incredible McLaren 720s. The supercars at Wheels Boutique, Miami have record-breaking speeds, all down to their expert modifications. Owner and car modifier Alejandro Enrique told Ridiculous Rides: “We had the record for the longest time for the fastest McLaren in the world. Miami has a huge market for super cars. There's a lot of people who own them and there's a lot of people who modify them. So, it just attracts us as our business to do a lot of supercars.” The car enthusiasts at Wheels Boutique have been improving high end sports cars and supercars since 1999. Most of their work focuses on mounting high performance wheels, high speed balancing and suspension upgrades. But with this McLaren 720s they went that little bit further, teaming up with Pure Turbos to make one of the fastest cars in the world - even faster. The $300,000 car has a top speed of 270 MPH and can do a quarter mile in 8.9 seconds – almost a whole second faster than the factory model.

A rally-bred V8 Audi R8 has just come up for sale

Fancy a Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato or a Porsche 911 Dakar, but don’t want to pay the extortionate sums? Here’s your answer

New Top Gear Podcast: live from the Guangzhou auto show!

The Chinese car market is going gangbusters, and here's what you can expect...

60 years of British Fast Fords

24 Fords that were never built

2024 Skoda Enyaq gains range and performance upgrades

Upgraded electric SUV is fastest and most powerful road-going Skoda yet; range boosted to 340 miles

The electric vans inspired by classic vehicles

Top 10: used cars everyone should own once

A guide to the models you need to own, including the Porsche 911, Land Rover Defender and Mazda MX-5

Ask the Expert: Which economical SUV can replace our trusty Golf estate?

Dear Alex, We have a 2015 VW Golf estate, which has now done almost 130,000 miles, and although the engine is fine, other things are beginning to fail. We would like a replacement with similar fuel economy (our diesel Golf gets 55-60mpg), and a high degree of reliability. Diesel, petrol and hybrid are all acceptable. We would prefer an SUV-type veh...

Classic cars could be cheaper than modern petrol or diesel models due to little-known rule

Motorists could make massive savings on vehicle running costs, car tax and MOT tests by owning a classic vehicle over modern petrol and diesel machinery.

30 unlikely competition cars

25 classic Q-cars

The cars that are cults

Cars are not just a way for people to get from A to B. With these cars, buying one is like joining a religion