Watch This Racer Successfully Avoid A Surprise Ambulance At The Track

Two racers took swift evasive action after a miscommunication sent an ambulance onto a live track in Georgia.

Porsche billionaire, 79, files for divorce from his wife, 74, 'due to her dementia'

Wolfgang Porsche is the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, who founded the company in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1931. Wolfgang, 79, has been with his wife since 2007 and married in 2019.

Packing up? Johnson loads car following committee hearing

Packing up? Johnson loads car following committee hearing

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 toy reveals Spider-Cat could be back

The Bodega Cat suit could make a return in the sequel

James Key out, David Sanchez in as McLaren announce major team changes

McLaren have announced sweeping changes in their technical structure, with James Key ousted from the team...

How do you solve a problem like Evri? Missing parcels, broken gates and a fake house fire

The delivery company formerly known as Hermes is a masterclass in how not to do customer service

Antiques Road Trip expert quizzed on whether tea set is really theirs after HUGE profit

Antiques Road Trip expert Natasha Raskin Sharp was left gobsmacked when one item she'd purchased sold for nearly 10 times what she paid for it

Guys Remove Bulldozer Tire

Occurred on July 9, 2020 / Yagodnoye, Magadan Oblast, Russia: "Effective wheel replacement in a bulldozer."

ULEZ: TfL data shows that most people driving in Outer London will not have to pay £12.50 charge

According to new data 90 per cent of cars driving in Outer London meet ULEZ standards

Glamorous racegoers arrive for Student's Day at Cork

Racing fans pulled out all the stops in a variety of vibrant dresses, adventurous frocks and colourful outfits as they attended Student's Race Day at Cork racecourse.

Now that's a road trip! Motorists are baffled as council replaces wiggly lines and 'alien landing pad' road markings with wonky path that 'looks like something out of the Wizard of Oz'

North Somerset Council sparked anger earlier this year in the town of Clevedon when it painted wiggly lines on the historic Victorian seafront as part of redevelopment works.

Watch moment two cars are seen racing each other before crashing and killing Yorkshire man

Two drivers who were racing each other at speed moments before causing the fatal road traffic collision which killed another motorist have been jailed at Leeds Crown Court. Simon Hinchliffe, aged 53, from Kirkburton, was killed at the scene of the collision which happened on Huddersfield Road, Kirkburton, on 9 October 2020 when a Seat Ibiza being driven by Darren Rowe ran into the back of his Citroen van.

Ex-F1 racer Alesi set to compete in Lotus Elan at Paul Ricard

Formula 1 race winner Jean Alesi is due to make his latest historic outing at Paul Ricard next month at the wheel of a Lotus Elan.

American Bully that savaged police horse is 'friendly' and was 'intimidated', owner claims

American Bully Coco viciously attacked PH Urbane, leaving the horse with gaping wounds and forcing it to take a break from duty.

Motorist fears he will have to sell his home to pay £4,000 fines after driving into city's Clean Air Zone 30 times without realising

Henry Franklin, of Bristol, believed his car complied with the council's rules when he drove into the city's Clean Air Zone for his job in Hewish. Now the 36-year-old has been fined £4,000.

Hidden hydrogen might be the key to carbon-free fuel for future generations

The safest cars on sale today

Join us as we count the cars that write cheques their strength can cash

Major 20mph speed limit changes to be unveiled as part of Sadiq Khan's travel plan

A number of speed limit changes are set to be unveiled in the near future in London, in a bid to reduce fatalities and increase road safety.

James Key departs McLaren after underwhelming start to new season

James Key departs McLaren after underwhelming start to new season - Key joined McLaren as executive director from Toro Rosso in 2019.

10 classic rock guitar riffs for beginners

Learn classics from Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top, Bowie, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and more

BYD Atto 3 review: the latest Chinese electric car is credible enough to worry the establishment

Sometimes, it can be a bit frustrating if people won’t say your name correctly. Just ask Hyundai. No wonder, then, that BYD is at pains to point out that its name is pronounced “bee-why-dee”, not “bid”. That’s the first thing you need to know about this company. The second is that this is not some Johnny-come-lately startup hashing together an EV f...

Marc Marquez: Honda “not a title contender” on eve of 2023 MotoGP season

As the 2023 MotoGP season gets set to begin on Friday, Marc Marquez concedes he and Honda “are not title contenders” after a tough winter testing phase.

Road closures and diversion scheme made permanent as traffic massively reduced in busy area

Locals have been told that essential access for residents, businesses, deliveries and servicing will still be available

Ralf Schumacher expects ‘personnel consequences’ at Mercedes thanks to poor W14

Ralf Schumacher expects heads could roll at Mercedes after the tech department got the W14 "wrong".

Meet the smallest lorry driver in the world - a 4ft 9in woman who drives a 14ft high tipper truck

Meet the smallest lorry driver in the world - a 4ft 9in woman who loves being “high up” in her massive truck. Hayley Hume, 40, was terrified of lorries after colliding with one while driving in 2008 and would get clammy hands when she passed one. Her cousin, Kyle, 27, a lorry driver, took her out in his massive vehicle to help her face her fear. She loved it so much she ditched her job as a dog trainer and became a pro truck driver. The mum- of-one now drives a 14ft high, 16.5m long, 44 tonne, 16 wheeled tipper truck along Britain's motorways, delivering sand and gravel to building sites and quarries for 60 hours a week. Little Hayley, who is only 144cm tall, admits her male colleagues are often surprised to see her clambering in and out of the huge lorry - who ask her "where is your dad'. But she loves her job. Hayley from Bakewell, Derbyshire, said: “I love being high up. “It’s like being in my own little castle. “After the crash 15 years ago I wouldn’t go on the motorway for ages. “My hands would get all clammy when I passed lorries. “Kyle took me out in his lorry to help me face my fear and I ended up loving it. “I’m so small everyone is shocked to see a little woman climb out of a lorry. “I get a lot of stares but I just laugh it off. “If you’re a woman going into it, don’t let it bother you.” Speaking of her 2008 crash, she said: "I was on the motorway and a lorry starting indicating into my lane. “I know now he couldn’t see me. “I had to accelerate to get so he wouldn’t hit me but then had to slow down quickly because of road works. “He ended up going into the back of me. “I used to stay away from lorries or very quickly pass them if I had too.” Cousin Kyle took her out in 2016 and she loved it. She said: “I ended up loving it. “I love the freedom of it. “I do enjoy it.” She become a qualified HGV driver – passing her qualifications in 2016. Trucking runs in the family, and she follows in the footsteps of dad, Kenny, 79, and her grandad Donald, in his 90s. Hayley has always dealt with stares and comments about her small frame. She said: “I wear age nine to ten children’s clothes and age 13 kids boots. “I get a lot of stares especially when stopped in traffic. “People have asked – ‘where’s your dad?’ when I get out the truck. “I just laugh. "You've got to have a sense of humour to be a lorry driver." Hayley’s size or gender has never held her back as a truck driver, she said. She said: “Inside the lorry everything moves. “It’s all adjustable so there is no issues. “I’ve thought about teaching other women as a HGV instructor. “I want to teach the safety. “These lorries are big killing machines.” Hayley realised she was the shortest driver in the world after Googling the record and has now put her application forward for the Guinness World Record.

Warning to motorists as thieves strip family cars... and why owners of Britain's favourite motor need to be worried

Residents in a major region in the UK have been left fearful, as there has been a rise of thieves stripping family cars. Drivers are being urged to focus on where they leave their vehicles parked.

True MPG: most and least efficient SUVs

What Car?'s True MPG tests show what you can really expect from a car. Here, we reveal the top 10 most efficient SUVs we've ever tested, and the one which performed the worst

Older drivers face 'difficult' choice - Phillip Schofield opens up on father's licence

Phillip Schofield has gone into detail about how his father relinquished his driving licence, following calls for elderly drivers to be retested more often.

Rising Number Of Motorcycle Theft A Growing Concern In Italy

In 2022 alone, 31,138 motorcycles were stolen in Italy.

Peel Ports plans £10m green automotive hub on Merseyside

Launching in September, the new maritime logistics hub is planned to service a twice-weekly shipping route from Vigo Port in Spain to Eastham

The London borough that's riddled with more potholes than anywhere else in the UK

Quite a lot of potholes to pack into such a small place...

VinFast rolls out long-awaited electric SUVs, eyes overseas deliveries

HANOI (Reuters) - Vietnamese carmaker VinFast said on Thursday it will begin delivering its new electric sport utility vehicles (SUVs) to local customers this week and targets overseas deliveries in the coming months. VinFast, which began operations in 2019, is gearing up to expand in the United States, where it hopes to compete with legacy automakers with its two electric SUV models. "After

2035 petrol and diesel car ban may be delayed with 'e-fuel' loophole

A number of businesses are calling on the European Union to ignore calls from member states to abandon the 2035 deadline to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars.

Mercedes explain why team orders were not used on George Russell in Jeddah

Mercedes saw no clear benefit to using team orders against George Russell during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

How Toto Wolff and Jos Verstappen friendship crumbled as Mercedes boss told 'stop calling'

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was once on good terms with the father of Lewis Hamilton's bitter rival.

LPGA pro-am participant makes albatross(!) with cameras rolling

The shot of one golfer's life turned into the highlight-reel of his life thanks to some fortunate timing. Look, you need a little luck to make an albatross, but to make one while cameras happen to be rolling? Well, that's a belated St. Patrick's Day miracle. Such was the case for one participant in the LPGA Drive On Chapionship Pro-Am on Wednesday....

The weird, weird world of forgotten car accessories

Need some inflatable seats for your car or a felt safety cap to protect your bonce? There was a time when you could buy such things…

Best used sporty but economical cars from £2000

These budget picks show you can own a cheap, fun car without breaking the bank at the fuel pump

Breitling's New Chronograph Takes Its Cues From an Iconic Sports Car

The Top Time B01 Ford Thunderbird balances a bright red strap with a surprisingly restrained dial

Ferrari’s Saudi Arabian GP branded a ‘complete disaster’ raising questions about Leclerc’s future

Sixth and seventh at a race where they "promised so much" must have Charles Leclerc pondering his Ferrari future.

Heathrow bus route passenger numbers double following special £2 fare deal

The non-TfL route 102 through Uxbridge to Heathrow is currently seeing passenger numbers up 130 per cent

Mercedes make 'special delivery' to Aston Martin after Fernando Alonso stripped

Fernando Alonso was reinstated to third place in Saudi Arabia after F1 stewards overturned the decision to demote him a place.

Formula One exhibition shows Grosjean's burned-out wreckage

Formula One exhibition shows Grosjean's burned-out wreckage

The London street where residents constantly do first aid because of all the car crashes

One resident said it's caused his insurance premium to go up to £1,000 a year

EU's car engines ban sparks row as Germany-France divides bloc

The adoption by European Union member countries of new carbon dioxide emission standards for cars and vans has been postponed amid opposition from Germany.

Who needs a car salesman? Tesla launches 'Remote Test Drives' that let customers try its electric vehicles without stepping foot in a showroom

Customers will be able to unlock the car they want to test with their phone and take the expensive EV out on a 30-minute drive unaccompanied.

TfL desperate to stop illegal e-scooters on London's roads as it slams Halfords' 'tiny warning stickers'

The only legal way to ride an e-scooter on a public road in London is to rent one

27 clever hidden features in cars

Some of these features are useful, others are just fun. We reveal the secret surprises concealed in modern cars.

Electric cars with minor battery damage are being WRITTEN OFF because there is no way of repairing them, report claims

A Reuters report warns of damaged battery packs 'piling up in scrapyards in some countries' and the batteries in Tesla Model Ys have 'zero reparability' because they are a structural part of the car.

Slovakia delivers first four Soviet-era MiG-29 jets to Ukraine

The ministry said the remaining MiG-29s will be handed over to the Ukrainian side in the coming weeks.